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There is nothing quite like Sunday brunch. An Anglo-Saxon tradition that is difficult to resist as it combines the best of breakfast and lunch in the form of pancakes, fruit juices, granola, crepes, eggs Benedict …

Today I wanted to make a compilation with the best recipes to make for a perfect brunch that is also healthy. I propose 8 delicious dishes for a brunch without alcohol, without gluten, without sugar and without anything processed.

What should NEVER be missing in a brunch


It is the star dish of any brunch and one of my favorite foods as it provides high quality protein and is full of essential nutrients and vitamins. You can prepare eggs in many ways: fried, cooked, in the form of an omelette … although I am going to take the opportunity to propose the most mythical version: Eggs Benedict, a forceful, nutritious and delicious recipe that you will love.


In all its versions: natural, squeezed, in a salad … Fruit is undoubtedly an essential if we want to follow a healthy diet. I recommend that you always choose seasonal and organic fruit, to help local trade and environmental sustainability, and the taste is so much better.

I encourage you to make this super Carrot, Orange and Turmeric Smoothie, as it will add a delicious and energetic touch of color and freshness to your brunch menu.

french toast


Another essential for classic recipes like French Toast. If you follow a healthy gluten-free diet, you don’t have to give up bread, just substitute it for gluten-free versions like those offered by Leon The Baker.

You can also include a mega American Sandwich in your brunch menu to complete a 100% Yankee experience. Have you ever tried the classic BLT?

Sweet dishes:

And finally the most anticipated moment of the menu for those with a sweet tooth has arrived: pancakes, muffins, waffles, cakes, cakes … Keep in mind that all these recipes that I propose in addition to being delicious do not contain even a gram of sugar, so you can eat them without feeling guilty.

Carrot pancakes

Banana Peanut Muffins

Healthy waffles

Rememorando gofres saludable

Dairy products:

Yogurt is a great option: it is a probiotic, with a low fat content, rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus and also suitable for lactose intolerant people. For my brunch dishes I choose the creamiest variants (Greek type), ideal to mix with fruit, seeds or, which for me is the perfect ally of yogurt, granola.

I´ll leave you with this recipe for a Yogurt and Granola Bowl that everyone will like.

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