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Chocolate Drip Cake – The best Birthday Cake out there!

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Appeasing to the eyes, and ultra-satisfying – Drip Cake are always a great choice for birthdays!

This cake was created by Katherine Sabbath, a teacher from Australia who decided to quit her job and dedicate herself to making cakes full time. Her cakes have now become an international sensation and people keep putting their own unique twists on them. 

Drizzle Effect 

The term “drip cake” refers to the melted chocolate that is drizzled on top of the cake and proceeds to drip down the sides. The process is very visually appealing and leaves most of us with our mouths watering! 

To get the perfect texture for this fondant I recommend mixing half cream and half-melted chocolate. It’s foolproof!  

For today’s cake, I opted for a Raspberry chocolate that always adds an extra zing to my desserts, Raspberry with Cocoa nibs Chocolicius. 

Toppings, please! 

Gummy bears, edible flowers, ice cream cones, cookies, chocolates, marshmallows, fruit, lollipops- The options are endless! Today though, I chose a true chocolate-lovers cake, I mean who could resist? 

I chose another chocolate favorite Cacao & Nuts, and pieces from my favorite Chocolicius bar… The goal here is to build up the chocolate flavors to create an eye-popping, delicious centerpiece. To add more texture and layers to my cake I added these granola bars which acted almost like pillars to the chocolate and to top it all off I sprinkled on some more Granola clusters

This combo of flavors is hard to beat! 


Tips for a perfect drip cake:

  • Best to make the cakes the day before so that they can rest and cool properly. This will keep the structure of your cake consistent and strong.
  • Let the frosting thicken a few minutes before pouring it over the cake. This will make it easier to work with. I recommend using a spoon to create the drip effect on the sides.
  • Creativity: I love to experiment. Don’t be afraid to add whatever you like. The key to this recipe is having fun.
  • Contrasting textures: choose toppings that create a surprising effect when you bite into them. For example, the smoothness of the chocolate chips with the crunchiness of the granola, and the softness of the shredded coconut is sensational.
  • For the frosting remember to use the 50-50 ratio: half cream, half chocolate.
  • When mixing the frosting make sure the cream is boiling.
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Chocolate Drip Cake

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For the filling:

For the frosting:



  1. Mix all the ingredients together until you get a uniform dough.

  2. Divide the dough into two pans (one for each cake).

  3. Bake each cake at 180ºC for approximately 20 minutes.

  4. Unmold the cakes and assemble. Place the first cake on your cake stand and add a layer of Cocoa and Hazelnut spread. Then place the other cake on top and repeat.

  5. Make the frosting by melting the chocolate with boiling cream. Pour it over the cake with a spoon, letting it drip down the sides.

  6. Decorate with the toppings of your choice.

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