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An Interview with Tic Tac Yummy: “You can never go wrong with chocolate”


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Patricia Tena, the author of Tic Tac Yummy, is a chocoholic, and she uses it in one way or another in many of her recipes. Her instagram is filled with eye-catching cookies, sponge cakes, and brownies however our personal favorite is her  Magnum Super Ice Cream, made with our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and Cocoa Nuts.   

Question: What kind of chocolate do you like to use daily? 

Answer: I always make sure to use natural cocoa that is unprocessed and unsweetened meaning no added sugars or sweeteners. I find it to be more filling- if you choose good cocoa, a lot goes a long way,  two ounces is enough, whereas, if you eat regular chocolate you can go through much more without realizing it and your body will suffer the consequences. 

Q: What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate? 

A: I love a good custard and chocolate pudding. I make them quite often and you can find lots of recipes on my blog as a result. There are lots of chocoholics out there and my chocolate recipes are always a fan favorite. 

My goal with Tic Tac Yummy is to create simple, healthy recipes that are accessible to everyone. What’s the key to your success? “I think what I like about my profile and what others find convenient is that the videos are very short, with easy-to-make recipes that contain ingredients that we all usually have lying around the kitchen,” explained Patricia.

On her blog and profile, you can find other exciting and original recipes like the Pizza Cloud, which was a hit on Instagram (her pizza reel has had 2.761.274 views, 117.984 likes, 1.187 comments, and 107.781 saves). 

Q: How did you start Tic Tac Yummy?

A: Well, it was a bit by chance, to be honest. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I liked bringing dishes to dinners with friends and one day in 2014 I made a particularly striking dish – Chicken with Doritos, and I decided to upload it onto YouTube just to try it, and boy was I surprised because the next day it had millions of views! 

Q: Tell us about your followers. 

A: The majority are young women who love to cook but don’t usually have time. My recipes are simple and easy and take care of dinner in 5 minutes. 

Q: Do you follow any particular diet?

A: On the weekends I like to indulge in a few treats but in general I try to eat a clean, healthy diet. I typically eat five meals a day. I eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and I try to make sure that all my meals are homemade with natural, high-quality ingredients. For me this comes naturally since there were never any processed bread or other foods in my house, we always ate really well. 

Q: What kind of snacks do you eat?

A: My favorite go-to snack has to be some toast with a nut spread (I love the Crunchy Peanut Butter, the texture is aaaamazing!). I also like to have an energy bar in the middle of the afternoon, the Carrot and Walnut taste just like Carrot Cake! 

And I can’t forget the Cheesy Snacks, cheese is one of my favorite foods ever and these little bags of gouda balls are the perfect on-the-go snack

Q: What dish do you get asked to make the most? 

A: Hands down, Guacamole. My friends love it and it is always a crowd-pleaser! 

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I’m always working on new recipes, but right now I’m particularly focused on launching my book which I hope will be out very soon.  

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