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Is There A Chocolate Out There That Can Improve Digestion?

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What would you say if I told you, you could replace taking a pill to help your digestion or those typical infusions with a couple of ounces of Chocolate? Doesn’t sound bad, does it? 

Before you get too excited, you must know that not just any chocolate will do. As we’ve talked about many times before, it’s hard to choose a healthy bar of chocolate. Most chocolate bars have too much-added sugar or, even worse, artificial sweeteners that are not good for our bodies. 

Choosing the right kind of chocolate is essential. The secret to chocolates’ ability to help digestion comes from inulin, a natural component that really helps the health of our intestinal microbiota. 

Start at the root

The truth is that inulin is not a very well-known component. Like chicory, it’s found at the root of some plants.

Some products, do already include this in their composition, but artificially. To make these chocolates, the chicory root is ground up and mixed with water. Afterward, through a physical process (no components are added ) of filtering and centrifugation, the insoluble part is acquired and used as an ingredient in these chocolates.

Benefits of inulin:

  • The fructose contained in inulin is not absorbed by the stomach or small intestine like normal fructose, but rather reaches the colon intact, where it becomes food for good bacteria, thus balancing the gut flora.
  • These good bacteria created by inulin serve as a protective shield against unwanted pathogens and boost the immune system helping to prevent illnesses and diseases.
  • It also helps to prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria, favoring a well-balanced intestine.
  • It is a very good source of fiber, especially soluble fiber, which helps improve digestion, and prevent constipation and intestinal inflammation. 
  • By improving digestion we avoid gas and bloating. 

Chocolate: A delicious way to take care of yourself. 

What I like most about these chocolate bars (besides helping our microbiota) is that they’re delicious! Truly unique yet tasty chocolate. You can eat it every day without feeling guilty or having any negative side effects. I love using it in my oatmeal, and as a garnish on desserts and toast

I always have a little of everything on hand so I’m prepared for everyone: Dark, Milk chocolate, Raspberry, and Cacao, and who could forget, Orange and ginger

Besides the Chocolicius bars, you can enjoy this laxative effect in other chocolate products: Cacao & Nuts are peanuts covered in chicory root chocolate, and my personal favorite: Hazelnut and Cacao Spread, one of our best sellers, because finding a healthy, creamy spread is like Mission Impossible!

Niklas Gustafson
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