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Two Ounces of Satiating Power

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We all know that feeling of not being able to stop after opening up a bar of chocolate. One piece leads to another and another…. And well, we gobble everything up until just the wrappers left. Afterwards, we feel heavy and full and some of us even may be a little irritable.  

This used to happen to me until I changed to Natruly’s chocolate bars.  Since then no other chocolate has entered my house. This chocolate is not only delicious but it is so satisfying and filling that your body won’t keep asking for more, and more, and more. 

Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment- leave the whole chocolate bar with your kids and see what they do. I guarantee they won’t eat the whole bar! Even they can detect the satiating power of this chocolate and after an ounce or two they won’t have any cravings.  

The secret to this chocolate’s power, Chicory Root

That’s right chicory. This ingredient was chosen because it is a natural sweetener, i.e. it replaces sugar, sweeteners and syrups that are usually used in traditional chocolates. What’s more is since these chocolate bars came to market many of us who enjoy them regularly have noticed many other benefits to Chicory. It’s become a kind of super discovery!

Chicory is high in fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), a type of soluble fiber that stimulates the intestinal production of satiating peptides. 

These substances inform our brain when we’ve had a filling amount to eat. It’s the opposite of that empty calorie feeling you get with other sweets. The body is able to tell itself, “ I feel full now”,  this compound is what helps to reduce the overconsumption of Natruly’s chocolate bars. Unlike with traditional chocolate where massive amounts of sugar are used, making them addictive.Eating them raises the blood glucose level, a high that soon translates into an urge for more chocolate which then leads to digestive problems and moodiness. 

Quality Over Quantity 

I’m a strong advocate of healthy living and this includes enjoying the tastiest of things to the fullest but with the healthiest version possible. In my mind it is better to invest in buying quality products, healthy and respectful of our health and the environment than buying unhealthy products, even if they are cheaper. 

I’m all about quality over quantity. I’ll always choose two ounces of really good quality chocolate over a whole bar of chocolate that just makes me feel bad in the end. 

Chocolicius, the world’s healthiest chocolate bars! 

Chocolicius tablets are the first tablets that are naturally sweetened using only prebiotic chicory fiber. No sugar, sweeteners or polyols. 

Plus, this chocolate is made with natural cocoa butter, it’s not substituted by other vegetable fats such as palm oil.  

I love to have some Chocolicius as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, but they are also ideal to prepare desserts or to give a choco touch to your smoothies, cookies or cakes

4 flavors: Black, Orange and Ginger, Raspberry and Cocoa nibs, Milk.

Niklas Gustafson
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