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Australians know how to look after themselves!

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As we start to wind down our summer route through the healthiest countries in the world, Sweden, France, and Japan we can’t forget to talk about Australia, a global reference for eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle. 

More Vegetables and Fewer Grains 

The Australian nutritional pyramid is very well known and always gets attention and I like it because the base of their pyramid is made up of vegetables and fruits, not grains, like the traditional food pyramid scheme. 

The WHO has already advised us many times that consuming an adequate amount of vegetables reduces the risks of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.  

Did you know that in Australia all their burgers have a slice of beet in the middle?!

Additionally, when Australians talk about grains, they prioritize quinoa, oats, and whole grains while throwing out grains such as refined flours, pastries, and typical sugary breakfast cereals. They are a great example of a society fighting against processed foods!

BBQ Meat as a Source of Protein 

Proteins from grass-fed animals, in a free-range environment, are very beneficial to our health, I should point out that they provide us with great minerals such as iron and zinc. As always I recommend experimenting. I love to alternate between meats that are easier to find depending on the country I’m in. For example, in Australia, I would try chicken or beef with something more exotic, like kangaroo or crocodile, which are common to find on Australian grills. 

BBQs are one of Australia’s favorite pastimes

Australians know how to add flavor with Herbs & Spices 

In Australia, they focus on fresh, natural ingredients free from additives. The only things they usually use to enhance the flavor and texture of their dishes are herbs and spices. A good example is their traditional recipe for grilling Kangaroo. They simply season it with garlic, pepper, and rosemary and then lightly grill it. And Barramundi, a typical fish, is also grilled but with a touch of citrus. 

Spices such as cumin are also widely used not only to flavor dishes naturally but also for its health properties in preventing gas and making meals easier to digest. 

They Drink A Lot of Water 

When it comes to drinks and the Australian food pyramid the only recommended beverage is water. Nothing about moderate alcohol consumption is promoted. Unlike in the traditional food pyramid where they promote the moderate consumption of beer and wine. 

Macadamia Nuts 

Nuts are one of my favorite snacks, not only for the energy they provide me on a daily basis but also as an excellent source of proteins, fats, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Nuts are undoubtedly one of the best fats we can consume and Macadamia nuts, commonly found in Australia, are the ones with the best balance between omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

Australians eat macadamia nuts on their own but also add them to casseroles, bread, or cakes.

A study by Southern Cross University (Australia) has found that about 70% of the world’s commercial macadamia crops originated from a single tree planted in the 19th century in the town of Gympie, Queensland (Australia)

Brunch, an Australian’s Favorite Meal 

​​This meal halfway between breakfast and lunch is my favorite time of day to calmly enjoy a meal with family and friends enjoying authentic delicacies such as pancakes or eggs benedict.

In Australia, this is a common time to celebrate and get together with friends and there is no bigger star dish for brunch than eggs! They come scrammed, poached, in an omelet… anything goes. Eggs are an amazing high-quality protein-rich food full of essential nutrients and vitamins so it’s good to always have them around. 

Australians Like to Cook 

In Australia, it’s normal for people to prepare their food at home and then take their meal or leftovers in a Tupperware to work, the beach, or wherever. This is quite different than places like China or even London where it’s more common to go out for a meal. 

By preparing their meals at home they ensure they are eating healthier and taking care of themselves. It’s common knowledge that bars and restaurants overuse and often abuse refined oils, salt, and sometimes even food enhancers. 


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