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We say goodbye to 2020, a year without a doubt atypical and very “irregular” in almost everything. Even so, we are very grateful that during the last twelve months we have made progress in our goal of taking care of ourselves, our families and the planet through food.

We take this opportunity to share with you everything we have achieved in this year that ends because yes, it is thanks to all of you that this dream is becoming possible:

  • We have become Natruly: Without a doubt, this term (Natural + Truly) defines and perfectly sums up what we provide: a 100% Natural and Honest diet. No additives, no added sugars, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners; only healthy natural foods of what nature offers us. Products we can trust 100%.

  • We have launched the first chocolate without sugar or sweeteners: Yes, you still do not know? The Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream and Chocolicius chocolate bars are made with natural cocoa, without added sugar, without sweeteners and without gluten. The secret has been to use chicory fiber, which, in addition to improving digestion and helping you lose weight, gives you that chocolate flavor that we all love.
  • We’ve improved our packaging – we’ve definitely put plastic aside to pack all of our nut butters in glass jars. At Natruly we always choose the greenest packaging option possible, prioritizing sustainability over cost. In addition, all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • Rudy Fernández has become our ambassador: We are happy to have the basketball player in our family. Rudy, passionate about the healthy and energy products on which he bases his diet, assures that he shares the values ​​and mission of Natruly. Our Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream is already an essential in your kitchen, do you want to know why?

Nutella de Rudy Fernandez

  • Our market continues to grow: We are very proud that our products are in various parts of Europe: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Sweden can already buy from us through the Amazon platform.

  • Our products have been chosen as Amazon’s Choice: Amazon is undoubtedly one of the preferred marketplaces for buyers not only in Spain but in the entire world. Amazon’s Choice is the label of the most prominent and valued products by users and we are proud that products like our Peanut Butter have been endowed with this distinction. Thanks!

  • More than 35,000 followers on Instagram: We continue to grow on social networks thanks to posts such as the launch of the hazelnut & Cocoa butter. This post made your mouth water and received more than 1,500 likes! 😆

  • An increasingly international team: Mexico, United States, Sweden, Italy, Peru, Colombia, Libya, Spain… In the last 12 months our staff has grown and increasingly across more borders. We firmly believe that cultural and geographic differences enrich us and that a diverse team is reflected in a more creative work environment.

Once again, thank you all for being there.

In 2021 we will continue working to reach more people, to improve as much as we can and to offer you more options for healthy and delicious food. We are looking forward to telling you all about our upcoming releases!

Niklas Gustafson
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Niklas Gustafson

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