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Available Now: “Hungry for Change: Beyond the Paleo Diet”

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Finally! Four years after the release of “Cambia lo que comes y cambiarás el mundo ” the English version, “Hungry for Change: Beyond the Paleo Diet” is out. I am beyond excited that we can now reach more people and places to share all the benefits of healthy eating. 

This is my own personal story where I explain how I got started living my life on a natural diet, free of sugars, carbohydrates, processed foods, additives, and all those foods that the food industry pushed on us for their own economic interests and to the detriment of our health. 

I could have never imagined the amount of benefits from changing the way I eat: I have a lot more energy, get more restful sleep, my mood has improved, and my digestive issues have disappeared….

«In the first place, the change must begin with oneself, that is, you have to find a way to feel healthier and happier, and that is, in large part, the result of eating naturally, avoiding processed food, then you are ready to change the world. How? Living more sustainably, thinking more long term, respecting nature and living in harmony with it”.

My Top Recipes 

I have compiled my favorite paleo recipes in this book, after many years of researching and experimenting in the kitchen to create not only healthy but delicious recipes. All of the recipes are simple and quick. And the best thing, they’re made from high quality, healthy ingredients that only benefit your body, not harm it. 

In the book I highlighted the ingredients that I make sure never to miss, such as nuts and seeds. 

So, you might be wondering what kind of recipes you will find in my book, well, there are lots of egg dishes- one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet, I also have recipes for gluten-free pizza doughs, sponge cakes with zero traces of sugar that still taste very sweet, and the best part is, we could have it everyday and that would be okay! 

Beyond The Paleo Diet

This book isn’t just about the pillars of a Paleo diet and all its benefits-  It’s a complete manual on how to live a natural, more responsible way of life, with humanity and the environment at the forefront. You will discover the importance of living according to circadian rhythms, why we need regular contact with nature, how the need to choose local foods not only effects us but also our community, you will be reminded to prioritize good sleep and above all to prioritize yourself! 

To learn more: You can purchase the book here: 


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