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Chocolate Protein Pudding

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A simple dessert, that is quick, healthy and the perfect way to finish off a special meal or to take to the pool on a hot summer day.The best thing about this pudding is that it has no sugar or gluten or any  artificial sweeteners for that matter. Once you try it you will see you can still take care of yourself even when eating a delicious chocolate snack!

Rich in protein

This creamy custard-like dessert is nutritious and delicious! This snack’s nutritional properties are especially beneficial if you are an athlete or lead a very active life. The Vegan Protein that I added to mine gives me that extra boost of energy and macronutrients that help repair muscle tissues, strengthen bones and tendons, give elasticity to the skin, and improves the health of hair and nails. 

Most importantly though is that this snack will give you longer-lasting energy rather than a spike of energy followed by a crash, like those from other snacks such as pastries or bread.

Loaded with Toppings 

One of the things I like most when making desserts at home is adding all my favorite toppings. I love combining textures and creating super colorful recipes. If you’re like me you should definitely have a few bags of  Cacao & Nuts in your pantry!

These chocolate covered peanuts are gigantic 😉 They are the perfect “cherry” on top for any dessert. They intensify the cocoa flavor in the pudding and also add a crunchy touch that we all love so much. It’s an easy and great way to make your dessert look insta photo ready! 

Are you ready to try this dessert with me?

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Chocolate Protein Pudding

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  1. Heat the gelatine sheets with a little milk for a few minutes.

  2. Mix all the pudding ingredients together, then add the gelatine sheets and beat everything together well.

  3. Garnish with toppings.

  4. You can eat it right away or stick it in the fridge for 30 minutes for a creamier texture.

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