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The Best On-the-go Summer snacks!

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Summer isn’t summer without a little snacking. Days are longer, the weather is good and we spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air and on the go meeting up with friends at the beach or for picnics and outings. All of which adds up to more snacking between meals.

In fact, according to the snacking study we did a few months back, a high percentage of those of you surveyed said that the main reason why you snack is psychological.Snacking provides you with a feeling of comfort, puts you in a better mood and gives you an overwhelming sense of contentment. 

The problem is that these traditionally fried snacks that we enjoy so much are not great for our health, especially when consumed all summer long. Eating this kind of snack bags of “goodies” loaded with salt, additives, preservatives and flavorings day after day can be very harmful and can even become a bad habit that can lead to addiction.

Illnesses and Snacks   

More and more studies are warning about the dangers of consuming processed snacks. Many of which are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and even death, there are also studies that show that these products cause obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol, as well as some types of cancer.  

The latest findings suggest that much of this has to do with intestinal problems, such as Crohn’s disease, a pathology that is steadily growing in our country.

Healthy Summer Snack Options 

If you are part of the 77% of people who believe that only unhealthy foods are tasty then you should continue reading. While it is true that there still aren’t a lot of ready-available, tasty healthy snack options, some do exist! This list of healthy summer snacks has it all: intense flavor, easy to carry, nutritious and so irresistible that even your pickiest friend/family member will like them.   

To take On-The-Go

When I go hiking I always take some Beef Jerky with me. These bags of dried and marinated beef are perfect for the boost of energy they provide, for their satiating power and for their ability to strengthen the immune system. Did you know that Tribaluri is also a huge fan of this snack?

For your next picnic 

When I bring a bag of Cheesy Snacks with me to any picnic they are the first thing to get eaten! What are cheesy snacks? Well, they are gouda cheese balls, and… that’s it! Not a trace of preservatives, flavor enhancers, salt, sugar, or oils… What I like most about these snacks is not only are they not bad for your health, but they are actually quite beneficial and nutritious.

The gouda cheese in Cheesy Snacks is rich in fats and proteins that are high in biological value and contain ZERO carbohydrates, perfect if you follow a paleo or keto diet.

The perfect snacks for a summer dinner 

Kale Chips are a must this summer. They seem to be everywhere, in appetizers, lunches and dinners at home with friends and family or even while dining out. I can’t think of a more delicious way to eat a super vegetable like kale.

This savory snack has 20 gr. of protein and another 20 gr. of fiber per 100 grs.

Something to munch on at the beach 

After fried, processed snacks being people’s preferred snack of choice comes chocolate.Chocolate is third when it comes to snack preferences, according to our survey. So for those times when we are craving something sweet, but don’t want to be unhealthy and ruin all our hard work in taking care of ourselves, I recommend reaching for a bag of Cacao & Nuts.

They are chocolate-covered peanuts (with milk or dark chocolate), but unlike traditional peanuts, they contain no sugar or sweeteners and are much bigger!

Truthfully, chocolate doesn’t have to be bad, if you choose natural cocoa you will even be helping your body in many aspects since it has a great power to calm anxiety thanks to its high content of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of the hormone serotonin. Plus, it is an excellent antioxidant, capable of strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Throw your Cacao & Nuts directly into a cooler or leave it near a bottle of cold/frozen water to keep the chocolate from melting. And, if you want more tips and tricks on how to preserve your chocolate this summer be sure to check out this post




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