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Throw Toast Parties This Holiday Season

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As we gear up for the long weekend, I’m sure many of us are planning out our menus for dinners with family and friends. Today I’ve brought you a great appetizer for not only this long weekend but for any occasion. This recipe is sure to get you through all your holiday lunches and dinners.  

These toast trays have it all: they are visually irresistible thanks to their color and mix of textures where you will find all your favorite ingredients: avocado, egg, chocolate, raspberries, granola, nut spreads…

Everyone always ends up coming back for more thanks to all the variety on hand, not to mention that it is easy to eat. I mean who could choose between the avocado toast with scrambled eggs and Kale Chips or the peanut butter toast with granola and banana?! 😉 

I recommend making two trays of toast, one sweet and one savory. The size of the tray will depend on how many of you there are, although I always think the bigger the better, because it looks prettier and more appetizing. I guarantee that if you copy these topping combos, there won’t be a single one left on the tray.

Gluten-Free Bread

To make the toast I used this recipe for homemade gluten-free bread. Just because I’m Celiac doesn’t mean I want to give up delicious food. I make this recipe often, and I always have some on hand in the freezer so I can grab them as needed. 

This bread feels much better than traditional recipes. And even if you are not gluten intolerant, I encourage you to try it. You will notice that you feel less heavy afterwards and I’m sure you’ll love the taste. 

Let’s get toasting! 

After a lot of testing and experimenting, I have come up with the best combos, I honestly can’t decide which on I like most because they are all so delicious!

Savory Toast Party 

Sweet Toast Party


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