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We don’t always have time to get creative in the kitchen or try new combos and flavors to keep us entertained during lockdown. However, these original snacks made with natural ingredients are super easy to make. I love having an energizing quick snack in the middle of the morning or afternoon when I start to feel hungry or maybe get a bit stressed and just need something to gnaw on. They’re also a good option to spend a little time cooking with the family, especially with the little ones who do not always have enough patience to wait for the dish to be ready. Do you have ten minutes? Our healthy snacks won’t take you much longer than that. 

Seed Crackers: A shot of Energy 

This recipe is one of my favorite quick and healthy snacks. Easy and fun to make and is a source of natural proteins, fats and vitamins. They’re the ideal option for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet and there are an infinite amount of seeds to choose from. My personal weakness are Chía Seeds, but these crackers can be made with whatever your favorite is: Flax, Pumpkin, Sesame, mustard… Oh, and they also are just as good with nuts, like cashews or peanuts. Your kids will love stretching out the dough on a piece of wax paper and cutting the crackers into their favorite shapes. They have a wonderful crispy texture and go well with cheese, a little butter, guacamole or your favorite sauce. 

Parmesan chips: Just Cut & Bake 

Cheese lovers are going to fall in love with this recipe for parmesan chips few healthy snacks are so tasty and easy to make. The only trick is to find how to slice the cheese so that it melts perfectly in the oven. The way that works best for me is to not cut the squares to big leaving them crispy. You can eat these on their own, like regular potato chips, or add them to a plate of veggies to give them an extra crispy taste. They also go well toasted on a piece of beef or smoked salmon. And, if you decided to try these with another kind of cheese, be sure to tell us how they turned out! 

Kale Chips: Haven’t discovered this vegetable yet?

This variety of cabbage is not common in most kitchens, but more and more people are discovering its many benefits. It’s a very well-rounded food that can be used like any other vegetable, it contains protein, fiber, and different vitamins like, phosphorus and potassium … These healthy chips just need kale with a curly leaf, salt and olive oil. The oven will do the rest!  The result will surprise you, just like its unique flavor. And, in addition to being a healthy snack, they can also be used as a garnish for meat or fish. Remember that the different textures are what makes a dish much more attractive.

Beetroot and Quinoa Hummus: The perfect combo

I left this Hummus for last because it can go with any of the others on this list. It’s perfect with toast, crackers, chips, raw or steamed veggies, you name it. A great alternative to traditional hummus made with chickpeas if you happen to not be a fan. Besides, beetroots contain a lot of vitamins and give the dish a beautiful color; and the quinoa is a great source of vegetable protein

In addition to the links with all the healthy snack recipes, here are two videos with some examples

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