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More often than not during the busy work week, we don’t have time to fix breakfast. Sometimes, we just grab whatever is quick and other times we just end up skipping it all together.  

That’s why today, I’ve brought you this easy on-the-go breakfast, a bowl of almond milk with granola and fruit. A healthy alternative to sugar-packed cereals.  

I’ve chosen to use almond milk because I personally like it the most. However, feel free to choose whatever nut-based milk you prefer, the important thing to remember is that it’s always best if it is homemade. As I often say, it’s key that we eat in the most natural way possible and avoid store-bought milks of any kind, as they all have added sugars and other additives.  

To go with my almond milk I’ve decided on this granola from Natruly with orange and raisins. As you might already know I suffer from Celiac’s disease and can’t eat cereal (nor do I want to), thankfully this granola is a wonderful alternative to traditional cereal. I even added some sliced apricot to my bowl as they are in season and I had some lying around the kitchen. 

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Breakfast Bowl: Almond Milk with Granola & Fruit

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  • 150 gr of raw, peeled almonds
  • water
  • Granola
  • Fruit


  1. The first thing to do is prepare your almond milk. To do this, put the almonds in a blender and cover them with water. Put it on high until it becomes completely liquefied.

  2. Then, pour the liquid through a strainer over a container. Now, what is in the container is the milk without any pieces of almond.

  3. Choose your serving bowl and pour in your freshly made almond milk over the granola of your choice or vice versa.

  4. Take some fruit and slice a few pieces on top to really bring your bowl to life.

  5. Now, the final and most important step… ENJOY your breakfast of champs!

Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes, both sweet and salty, so you can switch it up:

If you’re looking for some inspiration for new recipes, please check out my book:  “Change what you eat and change the world”. In it you’ll find recipes for every kind of meal, plus much more. All of which are natural, healthy and most importantly delicious! 


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