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Running, jumping, throwing, or lifting, these are often the most common forms of physical activity. It’s safe to say that eating and exercising go hand in hand. A good diet not only helps our overall health but it also helps us to perform whatever physical activity we frequently do. We can get the optimal amount of nutrition based on the pillars of a healthy natural diet and thus reap all the benefits from the food we eat, while at the same time getting the most out of our workouts. 

Many people wrongly believe that to be able to perform high-intensity workouts they need to eat a lot of carbs like pasta and rice. In reality though, a diet based on fruits and veggies with good protein intake will allow you to do the same style of intense training. In fact, people who lead a natural and sometimes even vegan lifestyle compete in demanding races such as the Ironman and are just as capable, if not more so than their counterparts. 

  • Protein for your muscles:

Lean muscle is formed when you consume foods rich in protein, allowing you to do any kind of sport better. A specific diet with healthy foods can be tailored to meet your goals. Adapting to your required needs depending on your training and energy expenditure. 

  • Get the right amount of carbohydrates throughout the day:

Within a natural healthy lifestyle, all those refined and processed carbs and cereals are left out. And foods like legumes should be eaten in moderation. Your main source of carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables that will feed your brain and also provide you with the energy you need during training. Eating enough veggies during the day will give you optimal performance.

  • Stock up on healthy fats:

Despite what many people think, when you want to lose weight or just be healthy, you shouldn’t cut out fat from your diet. In fact, you should do just the opposite! Eating fat helps us to lose fat, although that may seem paradoxical. The fat in food is not the same as that produced by our body which causes us to gain weight or get those famed love handles. Fat from food helps us to feel full longer and provides us with the nutrients and energy that we need to carry out our physical activities throughout the day. Monounsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado, and almonds are ideal foods. As well as saturated fats like coconut oil and butter.

  • Fiber is key to maintaining your optimal weight:

By eating so many vegetables and fruits you definitely keep your digestive system healthy. Resulting in a better intestinal flora, a balanced weight, and overall improved health. And, lest not forget about the important micronutrients that these foods give our body providing us with even more health benefits in just a single bite. 

  • Exercise:

It is very important to do physical activity of all kinds, both aerobic and anaerobic. Regardless of whether you play a sport, or go to the gym on a regular basis, it is important to do simple exercises day to day that keep our body active, such as walking, climbing stairs, or going to work by bicycle or rollerblades, etc. Making these small, simple adjustments that can oftentimes seem insignificant, actually make a great impact in the long run on our overall health.



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