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Chocolate – Fat you can enjoy every day!


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Yes, that’s right you can eat chocolate every day. We’ve talked a lot recently about fats and how they are good for the body but I think we can all agree that the best part about them is that they are delicious! 

There’s no doubt that fats boost and enhance flavors. One of our favorites is chocolate: I’m sure most will agree that it’s one of the best treats around, right? 

The good news is that chocolate is made up of good healthy fats which means we can eat it guilt-free every day. 

Benefits of Cocoa:

  • Antioxidants: it contains substances that protect us from free radicals. 
  • Heart Healthy: cocoa flavonoids promote vasodilation, reduces and/or stabilizes blood pressure. It also has the ability to improve lipid levels by increasing HDL cholesterol (known as “good cholesterol”) and reducing the oxidation of LDL (known as “bad cholesterol”). 
  • Prebiotics: rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that feed good bacteria and improve the health of our intestinal microbiota. 
  • Antidepressant: the tryptophan in cocoa is an essential amino acid and is important for the production of serotonin in the body- the hormone of happiness.

Choose good quality chocolate 

The problem comes when we just grab any chocolate off the supermarket shelf without first looking at the label. Most chocolates in the store are not made from natural cocoa. So, what should be in your chocolate?

  • Only natural cocoa: Natural cocoa is good fat. The more cocoa, the more fat and less sugar. Also, keep in mind that the more cocoa there is, the more satiating power it has. 
  • No added sugars: Most supermarket chocolates have added sugar and sweeteners which as we know are not good for our health.  
  • Unprocessed: Natural cocoa has no milk, oils, or cocoa butter.

Beware of sugar substitutes 

Sometimes we get a false sense that things marked “light”, “zero” or “sugar-free” are healthy, and that is just wrong. These products are simply sweetened with artificial sweeteners, such as stevia, and maltitol. 

These sweeteners are almost worse than actual sugar. Did you know that sweeteners are the cause of many digestive problems? It is not surprising to hear how people suffer from gas, bad digestion, or diarrhea after eating such products. It’s not because of the chocolate, but because of these additives. 

Natruly’s healthy chocolate revolution! 

Launched just a year ago, and already making a huge splash. Many of us can’t keep our hands off them. Whether you like chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, or chocolate-covered peanuts. Natruly’s cocoa is 100% healthy. 

  • Super filling: Did you know that just 2 ounces of Chocolicius is enough to leave you feeling full?
  • No added sugar or sweeteners. Unprocessed, with no added colorings, starches, or hydrogenated vegetable oils: Unfortunately, most on offer at the supermarket do contain these unhealthy ingredients. 
  • Includes chicory root fiber:  A natural component that provides a sweet touch while at the same time rejuvenating our intestinal microbiota. It lowers blood sugar levels, prevents constipation, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, combats fluid retention, and detoxifies the body… 
  • Our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is the healthiest around: After years of research, we’ve finally found the perfect formula for a smooth, creamy texture, a traditional, classic flavor that uses the most natural ingredients and there’s no skimping (this spread has up to 4 times more hazelnuts than traditional ones). 

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