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@tribaluri: “The solution is to connect with your inner nature

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Arthritis, abdominal swelling and stress. These are some of the “common” ailments of today that so many people in society suffer from. In turn we have normalized them to such an extent that people are just learning to live with it. 

But for Uri (@tribaluri) , a preacher of ancestral health, these ailments are only visible signs that we have done something wrong: “If we reconnect with nature and if we benefit from everything it offers us: light, fresh air, food… then it is possible to to heal ourselves, have more energy, get sick less, and be happier“.

Tribal Heal, A community that takes care of you

Tribal Heal is an integrative medicine, nutrition and training platform that Uri launched to help all those who want to be healthy and live a more natural life. Have you heard of it yet? Click here.

Question: Who are your patients? 

Answer: Mainly, people who have tried everything and are disappointed with the methods used by traditional medicine.

Q: What services do you offer? 

A: We offer a holistic and personalized service for each patient. The team- myself, along with a doctor and a nutritionist put together and prepare a healthy routine that covers everything from diet and exercise to advice on the most appropriate lifestyle to restore balance to the particular person.

Q: How do you base your decision? 

A: I’m a huge believer in the pillars of the Paleo Diet, intermittent fasting, movements adapted to each person and following constant routines that keep us united with nature, such as walking barefoot, breathing in fresh air or respecting sleep and allowing your body to rest. I believe that these pillars are beneficial for everyone.

@tribaluri’s passion is to accompany people on their journey to health. A path that he himself began when he was 14 years old after a series of illnesses prompted him to seek a new point of view on health and the human body. Physical activity was one of those points that completely changed him.

Of Course, Train! Train Every day

He makes sure to dedicate some time to training every day, “on average, an hour in the morning and another one in the afternoon, almost always. There are days when I even take a break in the middle of something to do a few minutes of stretching, which I know are good for me…”.

A champion of the fit life, Uri is an absolute fan of sports: calisthenics and strength training make up his daily routine, but he also loves walking and everything and anything that involves movement.

And the benefits of constant physical activity have been more than proven: it improves mental health, reduces the risk of dementia, helps to keep stress at bay, generates a feeling of overall well-being, promotes brain plasticity

The keys to a healthy diet according to @tribaluri 

Natural food is the key, we should always choose eco-friendly, organic and natural products.

  • A base of animal protein and fat: red meat and eggs are the staples of @tribaluri’s diet.
  • Complemented with low-toxic fruits and vegetables.
  • Fermented foods.

Snacks and Social Life 

Uri says he doesn’t like inflexibility and even less so restrictions, so from time to time he opts for healthy snacks: “they are a great source of energy for my workouts”. @tribaluri.

Among his favorite snacks are fruit (especially in the summer), flavored water, cheese, beef jerky, boiled eggs and these natural nut bars 

He also explains that in summer he tends to be more permissive and likes to dedicate time to snacking: “I am very social and I love a good plan with a craft beer and some olives, a good cheese or a little Spanish ham“.

Fasting For @tribaluri 

It is a lifestyle that has become very trendy, and to which Uri attributes countless benefits. Not only does he include it in most of his health programs for patients, but he himself practices it regularly.

Question: What is your fasting regimen?

Answer: I usually eat two or three meals, and leave a window of 12 – 14 hours where I don’t ingest anything. In addition, a couple of days a week I do an 18-hour fast.

Q: For you, what are the main benefits to fasting?

A: Fasting is super beneficial for skin problems, to stop allergies, correct hair problems …. Also at the intestinal level, fasting is super positive for those who suffer from bloating, and the feeling of heaviness

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