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7 Fundamental Keys to a Healthy Diet

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Surely you’ve heard many people say that they follow a “healthy diet” with the same confidence as when we tell you that processed foods are bad for our health! What about yourself, do you feel like you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle? How sure are you?

The first thing you should be clear about, if your goal is to have a healthy lifestyle, is that it’s NOT just about eating food that makes us feel good, but also about paying attention to where it originates from and the entire process involved.

Basically this implies being fully aware of the whole lifecycle of the food we eat. This state of awareness is often described as mindfulness. Although, in this article we are going to focus primarily on dietary recommendations, we also give you tips on how to make our minds and bodies work for us, and not the other way around.

For many years, humans have believed that we are the “most evolved” and important beings in the universe. Fortunately, there has been a shift in our thinking for a good portion of society, particularly the younger generations, who are much more sensitive and concerned about issues related to protecting the environment and the health and respect of animals. They care about the way we handle our fruits and vegetables that feed us, in order to achieve a friendly, healthy lifestyle.


Proteins… Eat til your heart’s content! 

Protein is an essential macronutrient for our vital tissue structures, which includes our muscles, since they provide them with amino acids. Amino acids are the “building blocks” that allow our muscles to regenerate and work properly. In addition, this wonderful macronutrient has another highly appreciated quality and that is that it makes us feel full. That’s right!  It helps our body feel full for longer after we eat. Unlike other nutrients, such as carbohydrates, especially refined ones which cause us to crash. 

Make Protein Your Best Ally.

But… Which is better protein from an animal or a vegetable ? Really, it’s whatever you prefer!  The important thing is that – whatever you choose – you must make sure it’s suitable.Vegetable proteins are a world full to discover, and when it comes to animal proteins the important thing to know where the meat originates from. They must be treated as ecological, independent from where they came from. Only in this way will we reduce the sale of animal proteins being obtained by exploitative practices which have no regard for the animal itself. 

Cheers for Vegetables! 

Even for people who worry less about their nutrition, often know that vegetables, greens, and fruits are beneficial for our bodies. They are an endless source of antioxidants, and provide us with vitamins and minerals, which help our bodies to stay and feel good, both inside and out.


Fermented Foods: Our Newest Ally 

The fermented foods boom has been on the rise due to the multiple benefits that have been discovered from the gut flora. Beyond the flavor and texture that fermentation brings to our dishes, the greatest benefit for our body is that it allows us to strengthen the health of our second brain aka the “intestinal brain”, by restoring balance to our inner ecosystem

Among the many products that can help us balance our gut flora you can find: kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, jocoque (typical Mexican Cuisine), kimchi (typical Korean cuisine), kombucha or tempeh. The best thing is that some of these you can do it yourself without having to put in too much effort. 

Lose Your Fear Of Fats! 

Fats are necessary in order for our bodies to function normally- for example, the production of some hormones-, and for other numerous benefits, such as keeping us  energized, and full for longer. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to any type of fat!Ideally, you should always prefer mono-polyunsaturated fats, the so-called “good fats”, whether they are of plant or animal origin.Try to choose foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. Stay away from hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils found in many over-processed foods.

Goodbye Sugar! 

Ideally, refined sugars should be out of our homes and lives. The thing is, a lot of times, we don’t even realize they’re there! As is the case with flavored yogurts, sauces like tomato sauce, or even seasoned meats.


Although it is true, that our bodies need glucose in order to function correctly- particularly our brains,- however with that said, refined sugars are what have caused so many illnesses for people in today’s society. Refined sugar has played an important role in the development of chronic non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and metabolic syndromes. If you wish to sweeten a dish, it’s always preferable to use a natural sweetener, like raw honey, or coconut sugar; but remember, the best thing we can do is to educate our palate to crave less sugar. 

Avoid Over-Processed Foods 

When deciding to live a healthy lifestyle, shopping for food will inevitably be different. At first you may even feel suffocated, and believe that it is a huge challenge! But don’t worry, it’s not like that! There is a lot of reliable information today that gives us tools to choose our food more wisely, but in a simplistic and practical way. 


Always lean towards buying natural ingredients, instead of buying over-processed and pre-cooked products. Reading the labeling properly will greatly help your ability to do this. If you want to learn more and get a basic sense about nutritional labels we’ve broken it down for you here.

Stay Active 

Having a healthy lifestyle goes beyond following the dietary recommendations above. Rather they are a set of actions, based on various aspects of our lives that help us to achieve a balanced well-being. Among these is physical activity, which is an important part of eating a healthy diet. 


Just as we take care of our body through food, it is vital that we also do so through other activities that help our overall well-being, such as meditation. Meaning everything that gives you peace of mind and makes you feel better.

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