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It may happen that you eat well, choosing healthy, ecological, nutritious, unprocessed foods that are cooked with healthy techniques … but still notice that the meals feel bad for you.

This is usually because the digestion is not good. At this cold, windy and unstable time of year, it is more common for us to suffer from poor digestion, and as a consequence, abdominal bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation …

But the problem goes further because this also means that the nutrients, vitamins and properties of these wonderful foods are not being assimilated. Therefore, it is as if we had not eaten them.

Digestive tract

Many bad digestions are due to the fact that the digestive tract is weak, and the digestive system does not have the strength to assimilate the food we eat. By digestive tract we mean the enzymes and acids that participate in the processes of decomposition, digestion and assimilation of food.

A strong digestive tract will contribute not only to improving the digestive process but also to a healthy microbiota, strong tissues and the immune system in perfect condition.

cacao soluble

Digestion and toxins

The power of the digestive tract is not only related to the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins but also to the elimination of toxins.

If we do not digest what we eat well, those foods that cannot be assimilated end up becoming toxins, which accumulate in the body, leading to imbalances and, over time, the development of diseases.

My keys to improve digestion:

  • Fasting: one of my basics to eliminate toxins and activate the digestive tract. It’s like giving your digestive system a well-deserved break! I recommend you do a simple weekly fast, that is, for a day only drink infusions and water. If you feel that your lacking in energy, you can take a teaspoon of honey or syrup.
  • Drink warm drinks: herbal teas when drunk little by little throughout the day help the lymphatic system to eliminate waste and are also an important source of nutrients for the cells.
  • Include foods rich in fiber: my favorite lately is chicory fiber, a component that renews the microbiota, prevents constipation, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, helps to drain, fights fluid retention, detoxifies the body… Cocoa Hazelnut Cream and Chocolicius tablets are sweetened with chicory fiber.chocloicious
  • Avoid processed foods: always, but especially at this time of year, put aside canned foods, refined flours, cold cuts, fried foods …
  • Reduce cold meals: avoid salads and raw foods and prioritize hot and easy-to-digest recipes such as baked goods or hot creams.
  • Follow a routine: the organism and the microbiota work better with fixed times to eat, and also to sleep.
  • Do physical exercise: since it promotes intestinal transit and if you do it in the morning it also provides energy for everything we have to do during the day, which includes the digestion process.
  • Eat with the sun: when the sun is at its peak is when the body digests better and therefore, it is when you must eat your most nutrient-dense meal. The body assimilates nutrients better and also has enough hours to metabolize them.
  • Eat dinner early: I recommend at least three hours before going to bed. One of the reasons is that when the sun goes down the digestive tract slows down and everything we eat costs more to digest. I recommend that you eat simple dishes (one of my favorites is Avocado with Baked Egg) and little quantity. You will rest better and you will get up feeling even stronger.
  • Cooking with spices: did you know that including spices such as ginger, pepper or turmeric in dishes accelerates the production of gastric secretions, improves digestion and also gives a super exotic flavor to dishes?
  • Chew well: properly mixing food with saliva facilitates the work of the digestive system and the organs in charge of eliminating waste substances.
  • Eat in Moderation: it is good to never fill the stomach, in this way digestion will be more effective and the mind will be more lucid.


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