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If you have ever asked yourself this question, it’s because you’ve already seen thousands of Instagram posts where different influencers show off their protein powder shakes. It’s very in fashion, especially among people who do some type of physical activity on a regular basis. You may be wondering a few things, why has this become so popular, what are its benefits and what exactly is it made out of? Don’t worry. We are going to break everything down and answer any doubts you might have. We’re even going to give you some good ideas to get you into the world of protein powder. 

The Advantages Of Adding Protein Powder Into Your Diet 

Proteins are fundamental for our bodies to function properly and to be able to tone. Not only do they help us be well-nourished and balance our meals, but consequently, they allow our body parts and their functions to work at their peak performance.

  • Muscle Tissue Repair 
  • Strengthening of Bones and Tendons 
  • Improved Skin Elasticity 
  • Better Care of Hair and Nails 

Many people directly associate proteins with meat consumption. Meat proteins contain essential amino acids, which means its consumption is very important. However, it’s not necessary to eat steak in order to get protein. Proteins can come from both animal and plant resources: whey, rice, meat, eggs, peas, hemp ... Consuming protein in its powder form just makes life easier for those people who have less time to cook, or who want to have a more healthy diet based on proteins. 

In this sense, protein powder is a good choice. It covers all the advantages of eating proteins, but with the versatility of being able to adapt it to our needs. Due to its simplicity, it can be used between meals leaving you feeling full. From a smoothie with a tablespoon of flavored protein to a cake that has protein powder mixed in the dough to a porridge or some cookies. Protein in the form of powder enables it to be easily incorporated into doughs, dairy, or smoothies. That is to say, it cannot be eaten on its own but rather it blends in well with foods you may eat on a day to day basis. 

Athletes Favorite Supplement

As we mentioned earlier, many influencers who promote a healthy lifestyle use protein powder in their daily diet. Especially those who are really ‘fit’ they add it into different meals before or after exercising. But, why? Well, because the proteins strengthen muscles, and help to prevent injuries or tears that can occur when working out. Besides that, it also helps with the development of the musculature. Using it makes us get the most out of the time we spend exercising. 

The most common way protein powder is used among people who frequently work out is in a smoothie. This takes advantage of all the benefits of the fruit loaded with its fiber and vitamins, plus it allows you to add in nuts or seeds as you see fit. That, coupled with a tablespoon of protein powder makes it a perfect snack for our bodies to energize in a healthy way, without spikes in glucose levels caused by foods rich in carbohydrates and refined sugar.

Vegan Protein becoming increasingly popular 

We have to stop associating protein with only animals or animal derivatives. There are vast amounts of vegan protein powders. Different vegetables have different proteins and one of the richest sources of healthy protein comes from quinoa, which also luckily enough doesn’t contain simple carbohydrates (the most harmful of all). Even though whey powder which comes from cow ‘s milk, is the most common kind of vegan protein powder there are other vegan-friendly options to choose from. 

 Even though, the most common kind of Vegan Protein Powder is called whey powder, as it is derived from cow’s milk, there are other vegan-friendly options to choose from. 

Vegan Protein Powder is made from cereals or vegetables. One of the most popular options comes from peas, which are rich in amino acids and fiber. There is also one which is a variant of rice, for those who haven’t cut out gluten from their diet. There are also ones made of seeds, which contain high protein levels. One of the most popular protein powder options, in fact, is the one that’s made with hemp seeds: which is a source of essential amino acids, fiber, omega-3, omega-6, potassium, phosphorus …

How to use Protein Powder

Some yogurt with fruit, a pure cacao and banana ice cream, a fruit smoothie, chocolate mousse, cookie dough…Protein Powder can be easily mixed into any of these. Ideally, you should buy flavored protein powders, and match them with whatever goes best with what you’re preparing. Some of the biggest hits with people are chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla, but there are more to choose from, so do your research and pick your favorite!

Protein powder diluted in a smoothie is a sure hit. If you choose to make a smoothie, just blend your favorite fruit with a little plant milk or Greek yogurt, and add a tablespoon of protein powder. For a thicker smoothie, be sure that one of the pieces of fruit is frozen beforehand. Feel free to try adding your protein powder into any of these smoothies. Or try this quick recipe below:

You can also make a homemade sugar free jam that will last several days. This Jam recipe made with raspberries is packed with proteins as it gets it from the berries and chia seeds. Bear in mind that this Jam doesn’t have any added sugar, so the riper the raspberries the sweeter it will be. If you decide to use flavored protein, check to make sure that they have sugar naturally present in the ingredients and no additives.

Protein Powder doesn’t just go well with smoothies, but it can be a great addition to mix in with the dough for many different desserts. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to leave out delicious desserts, you simply must choose to use the best ingredients.

These wonderful recipes made with oat flour incorporate the protein powder into the dough resulting in some delicious donuts or fluffy carrot pancakes.



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