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Dairy falls into a grey area when it comes to a natural diet and is often avoided as it isn’t considered “healthy”. However, we feel that some offer many benefits and therefore are worth consuming, which is the case with butter. 

In the 1950s people were told that the saturated fats present in animal-based products were the cause of cardiovascular disease, which today is the number one killer after old age. Even though that up until now neither meat, eggs, or butter had been a health issue.

Butter is a saturated fat and, although I have already discussed the relationship between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease in previous articles, this time I want to dive a little further into this common ingredient.

We now know today, that this argument that we’ve believed for decades is wrong and that foods like butter actually have nutritious value. The real problem is not whether we eat butter or not. Instead, it has more to do with the butter’s origin and the cow’s diet because this is what determines the quantity of nutrients we’ll receive Butter that comes from the milk of grass-fed cows is of higher quality than butter that is made from cows that are fed on feed and cereals

Fatty acids, the main component of butter, directly affect our body, which is the case of CLA fatty acids that exist naturally in the body and have the ability to alter the rest of our fat content.

People who eat butter in countries where the cows are grass-fed have 49% less probability to suffer from a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. This shows the importance of saturated fat and its harmlessness in relation to cardiovascular diseases.

What Are The Benefits Of Grass-Fed Butter?

  • Contains vitamins A and D and vitamin K2 which helps the bones to absorb calcium better.
  • Contains butyric acid that has anti-inflammatory properties and immune regulatory benefits in the intestine.
  • It contains linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid and according to some studies, could have important benefits to fight against obesity.

We must recognize that it is a high-quality fat, especially useful for cooking, and also has benefits for our health. In Spain, you can get organic or artisan butter from your local herb shop where you can also usually find Ghee. I encourage you to try it out!


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