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What we’ve never told you about our cocoa spread!


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Judging by the number of orders we get any time we have a promotion it is safe to say that our Cocoa Hazelnut Spread is a fan favorite. Today, we want to share with you some of the secrets to this amazing spread.  

A lot of effort and research about Cocoa spreads and a few mistakes along the way

The formula for our cocoa spread is not by chance nor was it inspired by just a fad. We began working on this product more than four years ago. It was a product that we wanted to launch from the get-go. Why? Well, we realized how hard it was for us to find a healthy cocoa and hazelnut spread, in fact, we never found one.

So we got down to work! We were driven by our desire to offer really healthy alternatives to products that we all love. After two years, we had the first version of our spread. In this version, we used coconut sugar to get that sweet taste because it has the lowest glycemic index and it was the best alternative we had found up to then.

We had a product with delicious flavor and it was a Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread with 43% of actual hazelnuts and, although the texture wasn’t quite right, we decided it was time to launch this super product under our label- Natural Athlete (our previous brand).

But, much to our regret, we missed an important trial test: when exposed to high temperatures the spread failed to keep the consistency of its texture. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that until a few days after the launch so we had to pull our product and continue our search for the best possible product. 

Chocolate Revolution

After another year of trying different formulas and ingredients, failed attempts and disappointments, we finally managed to hit the nail on the head in October 2020. It came at the same time as we rebranded to Natruly where we continue with our commitment to delicious healthy alternative products. Finally we were able to launch what we consider to be one of the only really healthy Cocoa and Hazelnut Spreads in the market.  

The secret ingredient in our spread is the Chicory Root Fiber. Thanks to this wonderful ingredient we were able to get that creamy oh-so desirable texture that we had been looking for since the very beginning. Not only that, but the added fiber gave this recipe the nutritional punch we wanted. Overall, we improved the formula so that it would also maintain that great texture even when exposed to high temperatures

The Chicory Root changed the game. Thanks to it we didn’t need to use any sugars or sweeteners, whether natural (coconut sugar, honey, erythritol, dates…) or artificial. In other words, a natural ingredient that allowed us to launch what we consider to be the healthiest Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread on the market.

Did you know that other brands of Cocoa spreads have an average of 55% added sugar/sweeteners?

What else makes our spread stand out?

In addition to using no sugar or sweeteners, we are proud of the fact that this Cocoa spread is:

Not processed: We remain committed to making the most natural products possible. 

Healthy: The fiber (a prebiotic) in chicory prevents constipation, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, helps drainage, fights fluid retention, detoxifies the body… And the milk fat is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which are easily absorbed by the body. They are also a source of energy and protect the immune system, while at the same time boosts the metabolism.

Contains a high percentage of Hazelnuts: Of course we wanted the Hazelnut to stand out, so our formula contains 43% Hazelnuts (four times more than traditional spreads).

Flavor: We stuck with a classic, traditional flavor that brings you back to your childhood, even basketball player Rudy Fernández has fallen for it: “It reminds me of the chocolate sandwiches my mother used to make me when I was a child. I put the spread on my breakfast pancakes, in my smoothies and I also give it to my children”, Rudy told us a few months ago.

Texture: Soft, creamy, thin (but not to thin), and easily spread thanks to the milk fat that helps melt and soften the Cocoa butter, and the Chicory Root Fiber that brings everything together and stabalizes the formula. 

Sustainable packaging: 100% recyclable packaging. As with all of our spreads, plastic containers have been replaced by glass ones.

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