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Do you know what the best thing about smoothies is- besides its taste, texture, and color of course? I’ll tell you! The fact that we can get all their vitamins since we’re using the whole fruit. A smoothie, unlike juice, gives us all the fiber and vitamins from each part of the fruit, not just leaving us fructose.  

These Seasonal Fruit Smoothies are delicious and loaded with vitamins. They also contribute to sustainability and the local economy thanks to choosing local products that are at their peak ripening period. All you need to do is, gather the ingredients, blend, and add a topping. Remember that, one piece of the fruit should always be frozen

Everything Pretty In Pink: Watermelon and Raspberry Smoothies with Chia. 

1 frozen banana 

10 Raspberries 

A handful of natural hazelnuts 

100 g of Watermelon 

1 tbsp of Chia Seeds (thrown on top after blending everything together) 

Topping: Chia Seeds or a small spoonful of blackberry granola 


Vegans Choice: Avocado, Kiwi and Broccoli Smoothie 

smoothie vegetal paleo rodeado de los ingredientes que lo componen

2 frozen bananas 

80 g raw broccoli 

Half an Avocado

1 kiwi

Juice from half a lime 

5 Macadamia nuts 

2-4 tbsp of coconut oil 

Topping: cashew cream as seen in the photo or crushed walnuts 

The Ultimate Combo of Avocado and Fruit: Avocado Smoothie with Banana and Cherry 

Half a frozen Avocado 

One frozen banana 

1 handful of cherries (seedless) 

One cup of Almond Milk 

A handful of blueberries 

Topping: A few crushed almonds or a spoonful of Crunchy Almond Cream 

Take away a few years! Rejuvenating Papaya and Figs Smoothie  

smoothie antioxidante con papaya y brevas

2 frozen bananas 

50 g of diced papaya 

3-4 Figs 

½ a tbsp of  Vegan Vanilla Protein 

6 Macadamia Nuts 

Half a glass of cold water 

Topping: A spoonful of Coconut and Cacao Granola 

Still haven’t tried Açaí? Açaí Smoothie with Figs and Banana

Smoothie de Açai

2 frozen bananas 

1 tbsp açaí powder

3 whole figs 

2 tbsp of greek yogurt 

A Splash of Milk or Almond Milk 

Topping: Crushed Cashews or a spoonful of peanut butter





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