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The difference between an “expiration” date and a “best by” date

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Have you ever grabbed something from the pantry or fridge and then realized that it’s passed its best by date? Well, sometimes that’s okay! Some foods you can still eat past this date and protein powder is one of them. We’ll tell you why!

Best-Before Protein Powder Edition

First and foremost we have to differentiate between what an expiration date is and what a best-before date is. Protein powders have a best-before date, which means that once the indicated date has passed, they can still be safely consumed.

It would be different if it had an expiration date since this kind of label means that it is not recommended to consume after the said date due to health safety concerns. 

One year- No problem

You can continue to use your protein powder for approximately 12 to 19 months after its best-before date. According to scientific studies, its properties stay intact during this period of time. Protein powder is your best ally in order to reach your optimal protein intake and help you develop muscle. It also is great for recovery after training and it even helps to make you feel fuller so you avoid snacking all day.

The only thing that may happen is that it loses the intensity of its flavor and aroma but that’s it!

How to store your protein 

Since it is a dry, powdered product, the chances of the powder deteriorating are almost nil. Even so, there are things you can do to preserve it to keep it at its optimal level as long as possible, we recommend:  

  • Store in a cool, dry place: heat and humidity are the enemies.
  • Keep at room temperature and, if possible, in a dark place.
  • Make sure that the spoon you use is completely dry each time. Water remains can cause mold and bacteria.
  • Seal the bag well after each use.

I tend to always have a lot of open bags of protein powder at home. I like to alternate between them and try different flavors: Some days I want chocolate pancakes other days I want a scoop of raspberry-flavored protein for my smoothie… just depends on the day. This is why I often have some bags open and not fully used by the best-before date. 

However, I still use them. In fact, I often take advantage of special offers on protein powders that are about to expire: it’s a great way to save money and buy a quality product that can still perfectly fulfill its functions.

Try it for yourself! To prove to you that protein powder remains intact after its best-by date and because here at Natruly we believe in fighting against food waste, we are sending a free packet of Raspberry-flavored Vegan Protein with all orders until January 19th. So, please test it for yourself and get back to us! We look forward to hearing your comments!

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