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There are many cocoa creams out there, but Rudy Fernández is clear about what he is looking for, “I try to prioritize products that take care of my health and make me physically stronger,” he highlights.

For this reason, Natruly’s Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream, without added sugars or sweeteners, has become one of his staples during this long season of games. 

Rudy assures us that this product transports him to his childhood. “I remember the chocolate sandwiches my mother made for me when I was little, and this cream reminds me a lot of that flavor. I also give it to my children, ”Rudy tells us.


Besides spreading it on bread, he says that he has found many other ways to use it in the kitchen, “I have a very sweet tooth. I use it a lot to make pancakes and I also add it to almost all my smoothies.”

The truth is that this is a healthy alternative to traditional cocoa creams, and can be eaten without regrets. We are actually taking care of ourselves when we eat the Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream because it is sweetened with prebiotic chicory fiber, which improves the intestinal flora and the digestion, lowers blood sugar, increases satiety and aids in weight loss.

Rudy Fernández joins our team as he tells us that he shares the same values ​​and mission of our brand: “What I like the most about Natruly is that they look to the future for health and well-being.” And we are happy to have this new addition to our family.

Do you want some TOP recipes that you can prepare with Rudy Fernández’s Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream? Here you go!

  • Gluten Free French Toast
  • Chicken with Mole Sauce 



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