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Cereal, cookies, cakes, pancakes… it’s hard to escape wheat flour when it comes to baking and sweets. However, there is an alternative: oat flour. Oats are one of the best cereals as they contain double the amount of essential amino acids. It also provides us with healthy fats such as Omega-6 and carbohydrates which are released slower throughout our bodies giving us longer-lasting energy. 

  • Direct source of Fiber 
  • Better control of appetite 
  • Regulates Cholesterol levels 
  • Improved digestion 
  • Improved heart health and healthier skin, nails, and hair 

The most traditional way of eating oats is with a bowl of Oatmeal, which has a beige color and is combined with yogurt or milk. Classic “porridge” as it’s sometimes called has a thicker consistency and fruits and/or nuts are often added or even just cinnamon for some extra flavor. But, there has been an ever-increasing trend towards using Oat Flour. In fact, it’s become so popular recently that some people may have trouble finding it at their local grocery store as it’s often been sold out. 

Drink Your Oats 

Oat flour, in its’ powdered form allows you to make a healthy and filling veggie smoothie plus, you can make it ahead of time. Almond milk is a great option to mix in as well as it will give it a sweet touch without the need for added sugars. You’ll have to use warm milk so that the oats dissolved properly and you get the consistency that you want. About 4-5 tablespoons should do it, but feel free to eyeball it and mix in the right amounts in order to get the perfect texture for you.  

You could of course do the same thing but with fruit instead. Which will go great with some cinnamon, chia seeds, and a tablespoon of nut cream. Another delicious option which also gives you that extra boost of protein is to use either some chocolate or vanilla flavored oat flour with some chocolate protein powder or raspberry protein powder whichever combo you like most. By doing this you can even reinvent the classic “chocolate milk”, by using oat flour, pure cacao powder, and plant-based milk. Whatever option you choose is sure to be delicious and filling and will curb your appetite for hours to come. What’s more, is that by using the flavored choices you won’t feel the need to add in any other sugars.  

The easiest muffins you’ll ever make 

These Muffins literally couldn’t be easier to make. They’re made with vanilla-flavored oat flour, and to make them even more energizing they also contain vanilla flavored vegan protein powder. You can mix fruit into them, we particularly love banana as it adds a thickness and sweetness that is unbeatable. Besides you can also add in some peanut butter which gives these muffins added vitamins and flavor. Prunes, apricots, or sliced ​​peaches are a great way to top them off. 

Here is a classic chocolate version of these muffins. Of course, here we swapped the vanilla flavor for a chocolate oat flour flavor instead. Although, if you don’t have any lying around you could also just mix in some natural cacao powder to your regular oat flour.  Those pieces that you can see in the photo are actually almonds, but you can use hazelnuts or walnuts whatever you prefer. It is important that the banana is well-ripened because you have to mash it until you get a paste-like texture.

Healthy cookies? Yes, oat ones! 

 Don’t miss out on Our Favorite Cookies you won’t be able to get them out of your mind until you try them! Believe it or not, no refined sugars or flours were used when making them. Their sweet flavor is thanks to the natural cacao powder, oat flour, and a delicious Hazelnut Cream. For this recipe, we used vanilla oat powder, but of course, if you prefer chocolate you could easily switch one out for the other. Thanks to the dates and oats, these cookies are a great source of protein and fiber and most importantly are super tasty. 

Do you remember Our Special Mothers Day Recipe? Well, since Mother’s day really should be every day of the year, we think these cookies can be made anytime. These cookies are so easy to make since you don’t even have to roll them out! Here we used chocolate flavored oats and the chocolate-flavored protein powder with a little Hazelnut Cream which gives it a different taste. These cookies are also made with fresh blueberries but you can use raspberries, grapes, or blackberries. Whatever you have handy. 

And if these perhaps seem a little to elaborate for you, have no fear because these cookies only call for four ingredients:

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 10 tbsp Vanilla flavored Oat Flour 
  • 1 egg 
  • Zest of half a lemon.

You just have to mash everything, make small piles on a baking sheet and voila! Couldn’t ask for anything easier.

For Breakfast or The Perfect Snack: Pancakes

When thinking about the perfect breakfast, many of us automatically think, pancakes! These Carrot Pancakes were made with vanilla-flavored oat flour and almond flour but they taste just as good if you only have one of them available. If you opt for flavored oat flour, it gives them a special kick at the end. The carrot is cut into thin strips and mixed in raw to the dough to give it that special texture. For the topping, you can use either cream cheese or Greek yogurt with some nuts sprinkled on top.  

It’s possible that these chocolate pancakes are the world’s easiest to make! Better yet, they are full of protein.

  • Chocolate Flavored Oat Flour 
  • Chocolate protein powder, giving it that scrumptious color
  • Banana 
  • Water 
  • Eggs 

With just these five ingredients they are incredible, but if you want to go that step further you can add in some fruit and or nuts as a topping. We like to top them off with some walnuts, fresh blueberries, and sour cream. If you want you can also combine flavors like the chocolate oat flour with the vanilla protein powder.  

One Word: DONUTS!

Homemade donuts can be just as good if not better than industrially made ones. If you don’t believe it’s because you haven’t tried our Oatmeal and Almond Cream Donuts Recipe. The most difficult thing about this recipe is searching through your kitchen for molds that have the shape you want plus a hole in the middle. The rest couldn’t be more simple! Donuts are known for being super sweet and loaded with refined sugars. These are just as sweet thanks to the coconut sugar, oat flour, and protein powder. The ground almonds sprinkled on top give you that extra crunchy touch that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Best Treats For The Not-So-Sweet: Mixed Oats with Veggies 

These Spinach Protein Waffles are perfect for those of us who lack such a sweet tooth. Both the Oat flour and protein flour are vanilla-flavored. The spinach is mixed in raw with the rest of the ingredients, therefore, retaining all its healthy properties. They also include macadamia nuts, which are recommended for cardiovascular health. When crushed, they keep their crunchy texture. As a topping we have chosen, Crunchy Almond Cream and red berries. 

And So Much More…. 

There are so many Oat Flour recipes that it’s impossible to name them all here. Apart from the smoothies, cookies, donuts, waffles, and pancakes, you could also make some tasty chocolate crepes filled with nut cream or even an apple or plum tart. Oat flour is also great for sponge cakes and brownies… the list goes on. Like I said the options are boundless. Tell us your favorite Oat Flour Recipe!!

Is it 100% Gluten-Free?

Oat Flour found at your local grocery store is not always guaranteed to be 100% gluten-free as it can sometimes be contaminated during the manufacturing process. Also, many industrial flours include added sugars and sweeteners. Ideally, you should opt for the most natural option possible, which would be those oat flours with the highest percentage of oats and that can guarantee they are gluten-free.


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