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Inspired by World Food Day, I’d like to tell you about the 4 pillars that have helped me improve my overall lifestyle to live happier and better and to be able to say: no more diets!  

Start by listening to your body and only giving it what feels good to you. Then: 

  • Remove all that high-processed food from your kitchen and your life; 
  • Exclude sugar from your diet without making food bitter;
  • Get your carbohydrates from vegetables; and 
  • Stop being afraid of fats and include them more in your diet.

One way that has helped me achieve these 4 goals was to constantly visualize them. How? Easy, with my vision board of healthy eating

Change the way you eat and Change the World 

Listen to your body and only fuel it with things that make you feel good 

Goodbye High-Processed foods.

This is where those sugary drinks come in (soda and juice), pastries, sweets, pre-cooked sauces, margarine, “instant soups”, among many others that we usually find in large supermarkets. 

They are industrial products full of additives, sugars, trans fats, and chemicals that quickly damage our health. Although many people like them because they feel like they give them “satisfaction”, it is important to understand that this may be true for the short term but is detrimental in the long term.  Once you understand this- and if you are someone who values their well-being, then you begin to associate high-processed foods as unhealthy, causing your subconscious to reject them and avoid putting them into your shopping cart.   

Sugar: Sweet poison

No matter what the media and those misleading advertisements say, something that harms your health is NOT GOOD! No matter how tasty you think the flavor is or how “good” you think they make you feel. Remember that it’s a “pleasant” short-term sensation that triggers a roller coaster of hormones in your body and, ultimately, ends up wearing it down and causing metabolic disorders like Type 2 Diabetes.

Additionally, refined sugar or sugary foods make you want to eat more. One way we can help explain this phenomenon is “what goes up must come down”. How might you ask? These products cause blood glucose (sugar) levels to rise sharply, stimulating excessive insulin production, causing more sugar to pass into the cells and lowering the blood level. Keep in mind that the body can NOT run out of blood sugar for our brain, so mechanisms are activated to replace them. Can you think of one? That’s it! Just like that and we’re hungry again! 

Say no to processed carbohydrates. The less the better. 

Eating processed and refined carbohydrates have the same effect on our bodies as I explained in the previous paragraph, so be alert! Consuming these types of products on a regular basis subjects your body to this roller coaster of changes and wears it down quickly, leading it subject to various illnesses. For me when it comes to food, “less is more”.

Hello, Fats!

Although fats have been badly publicized for many years, there are already many studies that prove fats are not the enemy. Quite the contrary! They are a powerhouse of energy much more so than carbohydrates since they don’t alter our blood sugar levels. 

Not to mention that they take longer to digest than carbohydrates, which leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. Another characteristic I love is that it improves the flavor and overall appeal of each dish. Ergo, less fear, and more fat!  

“No more diets” Should be more than just a statement. 

Having clear objectives isn’t enough, you need to take action. So don’t wait any longer and ACT!

  1. Make a vision board with the 4 pillars of healthy eating;  
  2. Place it somewhere you can see it every day- preferably in the kitchen, as that’s where you prepare your meals. 
  3. Clean out your fridge! Remove all those things that just aren’t good for you;  
  4. Fill your fridge- and your life- with good things. Fall in love with fresh natural foods like proteins, fats, fruits, and vegetables;

Pay attention to the transformation your body is going through. Feel how your energy levels increase, and how you show this well-being not only internally but externally. When you start to feel that it’s getting difficult to stick to your objectives, remember your final goal, feel inspired and repeat to yourself, No more diets! 

How about you? Do you have clear health goals? How do you plan on achieving them?   

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