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Have you heard of these new chocolate products everyone is talking about?

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It is becoming increasingly clear to us: we want to help more people improve their diet. We believe that a simple, natural, and healthy diet is the key to a sustainable planet and happier world. We know that this does not mean giving up the things we enjoy. That is why, with Natruly, we are committed to innovation more than ever! We are going to revolutionize the world of chocolate with these products:

Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread:

At last, a healthy chocolate, sugar-free, sweetener-free, gluten-free spread! A 100% natural product where you can rest assured that you are eating a delicious treat while still taking care of your body. 


  • A high percentage of hazelnuts: 43% hazelnuts (four times more than traditional spreads)this makes the texture super creamy and its flavor highlights the sweet and toasted notes of this nut that also provides us with many health benefits: it reduces the risk of depression, is an antioxidant, balances the nervous system, provides energy to the body…and so much more! 
  • Contains natural cocoa: No sugars, no processing, just natural cocoa. This is the only way to get all the wonderful benefits from this ingredient: natural cocoa improves brain functions, puts you in a good mood, prevents oxidative stress… And it’s delicious too!
  • Sweetened with chicory fiber: Instead of using traditional sugar, or sweeteners such as steviol or maltitol, or ingredients high in sugar (dates, honey…) at Natruly we rely on chicory fiber, a natural sweetener that in addition to providing the necessary sweetness to the spread also helps regulate intestinal transit and reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Free of hydrogenated vegetable oil: Normally chocolate spreads use palm oil, high oleic, and other low-cost substances to give that unctuous texture that we like so much. At Natruly we have opted for shea nut oil, a healthier option.

This spread perfectly recreates the taste of a traditional cocoa spread. It has so many uses, you can spread it on toast, pancakes, or waffles, or better yet, add it to porridge, yogurt or simply eat it by the spoonful!

Chocolicius Chocolate Bars:

Who doesn’t like to eat some chocolate once in a while (or even after every meal)? The problem is that the chocolate options we find today are not great for the body. At the supermarket, there are plenty of bars labeled as “pure”, “unsweetened” or “dark” chocolate making it difficult to choose, but, under these terms are products with hidden artificial sweeteners and polyols. That’s why we decided to create a chocolate that we could give our children without a second thought. Chocolicius bars are the first chocolate bars that are naturally sweetened with only prebiotic chicory fiber.  

At Natruly we are also committed to only using natural cocoa butter, not substituting it with other vegetable fats such as palm oil.

These bars are perfect to eat as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, but they are also ideal to prepare desserts or to add a chocolate touch to your shakes, porridges, or drinks.

 4 incredible flavors: Dark Chocolate, Orange and Ginger, Raspberry and Cocoa nibs, and last but not least, Milk Chocolate.

But it doesn’t end there… stay tuned because in the coming months we will be launching 30 new flavors! Would you like a little preview? Soon you will be able to buy our new chocolate-covered nuts, the perfect combination for a healthy and energetic snack.

5 reasons why you should include Cocoa in your breakfast.

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