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Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy without any worries. Which is why we have created these gluten and sugar-free recipes for some homemade fudge. Not only are they easy to make but super delicious and sure to brighten up anyone’s holiday. 

Check out these other benefits:

  • Vegan-friendly,
  • No added sugars,
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • Low-carb,
  • Easy to make .

Do you love Christmas sweets? If so, then your table must have these gluten and sugar-free fudge. One is made with granola and the other with nut cream which are both easy to come by. Make this homemade version and forget about buying any of those industrial store-bought versions that are over processed and loaded with sugar. Know what’s even better about this fudge? You can customize it to you and your guests! 

This gluten and sugar free fudge is wonderful and nutritious for the whole family and is sure to make your guests fall in love. 

  • Loaded with nuts– one of my must haves- as they are an amazing source of vitamins, minerals and fats;
  • Has all the benefits of cacao, including its antioxidant power, and thanks to its theobromine and tryptophan content it makes this a perfect food to free us from stress; and

Provides us with a good percentage of fiber thanks to the cacao granola, coconut and quinoa, which all help to keep our digestive system healthy.

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Crunchy Chocolate and Orange Fudge

Holiday Fudge Recipe

Keyword chocolate fudge, fudge, healthy fudge
Author Niklas Gustafson


  •  500 g.  4 pieces  Dark Chocolate 99% Cacao
  •  200 g.  1 ⅓ cup  Natural Athlete Cacao Granola, with coconut and quinoa
  •  To taste   Orange zest 
  •  75 ml.  ½ cup  Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Measure out all of the ingredients

  2. Melt the 99% dark chocolate over a pot of boiling water (use a double boiler). Once melted mix in the olive oil with cacao granola with coconut quinoa.

    melted fudge
  3. Place the mixture into a mold where it can be easily removed;

    fudge pouring in mold
  4. Sprinkle the orange zest over the mixture;

  5. Freeze until solid. In my case it took about an hour.

    fudge cooling

And,that’s it now your Crunchy Chocolate & Orange Fudge is ready to eat!

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Crunchy Chocolate Nut Fudge Topped with Pistachios

Holiday Nut Fudge

Keyword fudge, healthy fudge, nut fudge, pistachio


  •  375 g.  3 pieces  99%Dark Chocolate 
  •  375 g.  2 ½ cups  Mixed Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts)
  •  37,5 g.  ¼ cup   Crushed Pistachio 


  1. Measure out and prepare all the ingredients;

  2. If the nuts aren't toasted, toast them in a pan and then use a mortar (hand grinder) to crush them up a bit;

  3. Melt the 99% dark chocolate in a double boiler; once meted mix in the crished nites and the cashew cream and stir everything together until it's uniform;

  4. Add the mixture into a mold where it can be easily removed, perhaps a silicone one, make sure to evenly spread it out;

  5. Next, sprinkle the crushed pistachio on top and freeze the chocolate mixture until solid. Now remove it from the freezer and enjoy your Crunchy Chocolate Nut fudge.

    fudge and fingers sprinkling nuts


Note: You can add whatever nut cream you like to your fudge, I just happened to choose the cashew cream. Use your favorite and mix and combine flavors as you see fit. Most importantly, have fun with it and be creative! Check out our nut cream section and learn about all the varieties we offer. 

Don’t let the ingredients in this recipe limit you. Use whatever you have on hand and let your imagination run wild! 

fudge final

If you enjoyed this recipe, don’t miss these other chocolate inspired treats, the creativity never stops! 

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Liked this recipe? Then what are you waiting for?! Follow us @naturalath and check out all our recipes, and posts about health and food on our blog. 



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