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Cholesterol is good, it’s a substance that is naturally found in the body and is necessary in order for all our cells to function properly. We need to squash rumors like   “cholesterol is bad” or “you should only eat foods that have low cholesterol”. People believe that if we eat fat, it goes through the blood and then clogs our arteries and this simply isn’t true. Cholesterol is necessary as it’s used to build cells, assists in the production of hormones, helps with bile acids and provides us with vitamin D among other things.

So the question is, why do we hear people say, “be careful, that raises your Cholesterol”? The reason is because the industry and media have led us to believe that there are foods that increase cholesterol and others that are able to lower it. While it’s true that some foods contain cholesterol it doesn’t mean that they’re bad or that all the cholesterol in our body comes from food. 

Types of Cholesterol: Good and Bad 

Most of our cholesterol is created in the liver and a small part through our diet. Until quite recently, doctors calculated that cholesterol was high if it exceeded 200 mg / dL (milligrams per deciliter). However, we are now aware of the fact that that statement is incorrect and cholesterol is made up of something else. 

Cholesterol is made up of two types of lipoproteins: HDL, commonly referred to as “good cholesterol” as it removes cholesterol from the arteries through the blood back to the liver where it can be eliminated. And then there is LDL, which is “bad cholesterol” and does just the opposite and carries the cholesterol from the liver to the arteries. When this kind of cholesterol builds up in the body, you are at risk of suffering from coronary heart disease. 

The problem is sugar, not cholesterol 

Many doctors continue to recommend that people with high levels of cholesterol should avoid eating cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs and meat but, there is a growing consensus that this advice is useless. 

A study co-led by Mozaffarin, an American Cardiologist and Epidemiologist, and Dean of the Gerald J. Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition and Political Science at Tufts University, shows that recommendations to avoid consuming saturated fats do not help to lower cholesterol levels. In fact, el Confidencial echoed a study published in Time magazine a couple of years ago where they questioned if fat was really bad. Rather it directly pointed to carbohydrates and sugar as the reason why diets were poor. 

By the way here are some delicious meat-based recipes so you can enjoy the news that Cholesterol isn’t the problem, but sugar is: 

Roast Suckling Lamb with Rosemary

Iberian BBQ Secret.

Grilled Ribs with a Sunroot Puree 

What do you think? It’s officially been confirmed that our ancestors ate 1000x better than us! Follow us here and on our other social media outlets! 


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