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Can You Live As A Vegan?

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Being Vegan Is Just A Trend 

In recent years, whether due to a new-found respect for animals or just because it’s become the popular thing to do, being a Vegan has become a trend. However, don’t let this be confused with being a Vegetarian as I previously mentioned in my post The Vegan Diet.

As with any trend, the food industry is taking advantage of this opportunity. Masking products as healthy vegan options where in reality they really process the food and use ingredients that aren’t recommended like refined sugars (syrups, sucrose, glucose…) added unhealthy fats (refined hydrogenated oils), refined flours and salt.   

Being Vegan Is Not Necessarily Healthy 

As I’ve mentioned before in other similar posts, since our ancestors were able to walk upright and cover large areas of land by being nomadic they found another source of energy that came from meat. 

Thanks to them adopting that habit and hunting animals, our brains were able to develop further due to the increase in proteins and fats in our diet. Therefore, it’s normal to assume that humans need proteins to continue evolving. 

Just because a product is marked as “Vegan” or “100% Vegetarian” doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. In fact, the “V” label found on many products just means that its origin is plant-based. Remember that when looking at products marked as such.  

World Vegan Day 

Whether you are curious about veganism, you are thinking about becoming vegan, or you already are one, today on World Vegan Day, I want to give you some nutritional tips that will help you to better understand this lifestyle.

1. Don’t Abuse Carbohydrates!

On a Vegan diet, we often lack information and forget the importance of balancing our meals and eating enough protein. Keep in mind that there are plenty of vegetable proteins on the market perfect for your veggie diet.

2. Processed Vegan Products Are NOT Your Friends! 

As I’ve said many times, don’t abuse tofu-based and other similar products as they have already been modified, and thus contain fewer nutrients. If you do this the only thing you will be left with is an over-processed diet that lacks essential nutrients and in the long run, will be damaging to your health.   

3. Don’t Forget Your B12!

Generally, this vitamin is found in animal-based products so when you aren’t consuming them it’s important to supplement your diet with a B12 Vitamin to keep your levels stable. Vitamin B12 is essential for the formation of red blood cells and also keeps our nervous system and functioning among other things. 

In short, Veganism is a lifestyle that gives us a different perspective, and thanks to it, the food we eat is much more natural and ecological. Additionally, we’ve become more aware of the way our food is processed and prepared. Which in my opinion is the greatest problem we face with today’s food industry. 

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