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Beef Jerky: The Healthy & Energizing Snack From the Far West

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What could your shopping cart have in common with a cowboy from the wild west? Or even explorers sailing across the sea? Well, I’ll tell you; foods that can be stored for long periods of time and which give you lots of energy. When we watch old westerns we see those American cowboys eating strips of marinated, sun-dried meat. They got all the proteins and minerals in meat through a very durable food that can be eaten at any time: beef jerky. Read on, if you want to feel like one of these heroes or heroines from your favorite old western.  

Meat is a direct source of the necessary natural fats that our bodies need, they are an essential micronutrient.  The advantage of eating it as it was eaten in the past among travelers like cowboys, hunters, shepherds, sailors, and nomads is that it’s always ready to eat whenever! The most common way to find sun-dried, marinated meat is on a sheet in a laminated bag, (not too big), which gives it a great crispy texture. You can find a variety of different types of meat, like turkey, however, the most common is beef.   And, although many people think otherwise, Beef Jerky does keep all its benefits and vitamins, even if it’s bought pre-packaged. Here are some of the health advantages:  

Long-Lasting Supply of Energy 

Strengthens the Immune System 

Very Satisfying 

A high percentage of essential Amino Acids 

Healthy Snack Between Meals 

Free of Gluten and Refined Sugars

Snack on some Beef Jerky 

These ready-made pouches of beef are perfect to have as a healthy snack if you need a quick burst of energy. For people who do sports, it’s great because it’s high in protein which helps your muscles to recover after hard workouts. It’s also an ideal snack for day trips or to take to work as a snack. In fact, this is how it was used by cowboys and maritime explorers as it was always eaten on its own as a protein snack. 

Dried meat, seasoned with flavor-laden spices, is delicious on its own or on top of some gluten-free bread or seed crackers. You can enjoy a mid-morning or afternoon snack loaded with zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and with just the right amount of fat for those times of the day. You’ll notice how you’re able to continue about your day with an added boost of energy, and on top of that, you get to enjoy a delicious, satisfying snack.   

Add Marinated Meat To Your Other Recipes 

Tarta de zanahoria y espinacas con carne seca

As cooked beef ready to use, beef jerky can be added to many of the dishes we eat on a regular basis. It goes wonderful in a salad, scrambled eggs, or even as a topping to a bowl of soup, pizza, omelet, or a simple slice of toast. A good trick to remember if you have doubts about what you can use jerky with is to think of what you usually eat with a regular steak or roast. Beef jerky is an amazing substitute for these dish combos, and the best thing is that not a minute is wasted cooking it.

One of our favorite recipes to add some beef jerky to is the Spinach Quiche With A Carrot based dough. We get eggs, quinoa, various vegetables, dairy, all the benefits of a well-marinated beef used as a topping, all in one dish! Beef jerky is used after everything has baked, leaving it crispy and it’s texture intact. It also gives the dish that extra decorative touch with the contrast of colors. 

Besides vegetables, another common way to eat meat is with pasta. However, eating refined carbs isn’t good for our health, so we switch out a traditional spaghetti for a more natural zucchini based one. The jerky is sprinkled on top of the tomato sauce, giving it a tasty flavor. So there you have a healthy, gluten-free recipe.

espaguetis de calabacín

You can also use beef jerky in a traditional Spanish Salmorejo, made of tomato or avocado by using it as a topper. Having something crispy on top of a creamy base like in a soup is a wonderful sensation for our taste buds. If you prefer to eat your avocado on toast rather than in a cream, the flavor with the beef jerky doesn’t change and it’s still just as tasty. For the days that we can’t spend as much time cooking, we usually resort to dishes like, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, or a salad; add some jerky to round out the dish and increase your energy. A simple green sprout salad with onion and some jerky is sure to hit the spot.  

Find Your Favorite Beef Jerky Flavor 

Our beef jerky is made with the best quality meat and meets all the guarantees of the certifications required by the European Union. The Original Flavor is seasoned with wine vinegar, sea salt, pepper, garlic, onion, mustard seeds, and ginger. To avoid using refined sugars, we use a little raw cane sugar which is one of the best natural sweeteners nature has to offer.  

In addition to the original flavor, you can try a peppered flavor jerky. It has extra  Sichuan Pepper, which is super flavorful, with a slightly spicy citrus touch. Pepper, which contains Vitamins A and B, is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent premature aging of the cells. For those Spicy lovers, chili beef jerky will become their favorite choice. Chili is a great ally of our respiratory system since it helps to minimize cold symptoms as well as asthma and bronchitis. 

In short, beef jerky has all the benefits of the best meats and is a terrific source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. As it’s stored in a bag, it’s the ideal snack to bring to the gym, work, or on a trip. It’s a favorite of many athletes. Since it’s prepared totally naturally it can be added to any of our homemade recipes, knowing that we are consuming the best product. Feel like a strong western cowboy! Let us know in the comments below which you prefer, the original, spicy, or pepper flavored jerky? 

If you want to try the beef jerky, here are some recipes that pair great with any of the flavors:

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