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The potato is a tuber from North America that spread throughout the world after the discovery of the continent in 1492.

The Spanish brought the potato to Europe and quickly passed it on to the rest of the world, becoming one of today’s most widely-consumed foods. Its variety and versatility, apart from its low cost, have made it possible for practically every culture to have at least one typical potato-based dish

Potatoes are the vegetable with the highest amounts of starch and sugar. This is why, despite being a very natural and healthy product, we recommend not overeating them. Thus keeping line with only consuming the necessary amount of carbohydrates that your body needs

If you love potatoes but are looking to reduce the amount you eat, here are some great and healthy alternatives. Foods such as sweet potatoes, plantains, squash, carrots, zucchini and beets are all wonderful substitutes and the best part is you will hardly notice the difference.That being said, each alternative offers its own unique touch, special flavor and even color to your dish. In addition they will also give you more versatility in how you prepare your recipe compared to if you were cooking with a traditional potato. Take the traditional Spanish omelette, can you imagine replacing the potato with zucchini instead? We can assure you that the result is spectacular!

Sweet Potato 

The sweet potato is without a doubt the most similar to a traditional potato. It’s important to note that it’s not a tuber like the potato, but part of the root. Despite having more sugar, it contains much less starch and has better nutritional value. You can use it in the same way as a traditional potato and it is undoubtedly the easiest and best substitute out there.



Plantains are perfect for making chips, or baked pieces on their own or for salads. Thanks to its unique texture you can cook it in a variety of ways and adapt it to different dishes. Also, if you buy it  when it’s still green, it will have less sugar and you can use it in more savory dishes.


Pumpkin comes from the gourd family. They’re most famous for the terrifying and creative images carved into them on Halloween. However,pumpkin also has great nutritional properties and is an excellent alternative to potatoes. It can be baked, used in purees and even in delicious chilled salads.


Zucchini can be used in a number of healthy yet tasty dishes. They come from the same family as the pumpkin. Of course it has great nutritional values and can be a wonderful substitute for potatoes and other starchy foods (like pasta). Have you ever tried zucchini chips? They are a great snack while watching a movie or binging on your favorite show.

Beets and Carrots  

Beets and carrots are also good alternatives. Both baked, or in a puree, you will still get a delicious dish without having to resort to using potatoes.

As you can see there are several wonderful options to choose from that can perfectly substitute whatever dish may traditionally call for the use of a potato.

How do you substitute eating too many potatoes in your diet? Let us know in the comments below! 

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