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Following a healthy and all natural diet, is a lifestyle that forgoes fashion and trends, and is the healthiest way of eating,

The main philosophy in this lifestyle consuming food that nourishes us while also helping us feel good. Following this philosophy, effectively eliminates refined, ultra-processed, loaded with trans fats and sugar, foods and products which are so harmful to our health.

I’m sure we all know by now that eating correctly is absolutely necessary for improving our health, maintaining blood sugar levels, minimizing the risk of chronic diseases, and ensuring we have more energy. An all-natural diet will also help our bodies reach their optimal and healthy weight, without having the stressful obsession of counting calories.


What characterizes natural and healthy eating?


  • The consumption of quality and natural fats, among which are monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, and polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3. Both are a good sources of energy and are responsible for the construction of the outer membrane of our cells, helping protect them from harmful viruses and bacterias. These “healthy fats” also help our body absorb vitamins and minerals correctly.
  • The intake of carbohydrates which comes from vegetables, plant tubers, and fruits. These foods help us keep blood sugar levels low and provide us with fiber, vitamins and minerals. The carbohydrates that come from bread, rice, pasta and refined flours have to be left in the dust. The reason is very simple, they are foods with a high glycemic index, meaning they are processed quickly and pass to the blood shortly after ingesting them; causing us to suffer very sharp glucose peaks, and we feel the need to eat again shortly after. To put it simply, the more we eat harmful carbohydrates, the more we need to eat again.
  • Eating animal proteins that provide all the essential amino acids, those that our body does not produce and that we must obtain from our diet. This includes vitamins and minerals such as zinc, which promote general health and also help us maintain muscle tissue.
  • Consuming more antioxidants which are responsible for preventing the oxidation of cells; as well as consuming phytochemicals which are very important substances found in vegetables that, although do not nourish us, have very positive effects on our health.
  • No processed sugar consumption is probably the most important rule that constitutes natural and healthy eating. There is an epidemic going around in the food market it concerns the hidden killer in many food products, and that is processed sugar. The reason it is hidden is that corporations hide sugar under names that most people won’t associate with sugar due to a lack of knowledge or an abundance of trust for labels like “healthy” or “low-fat” that are stamped on many products in the market today. Over the decades this practice has gotten so bad that now, there are over 60 different names for processed sugars, and 74% of packaged products circulating the market world-wide contain processed sugars; many of these products are marketed as good for you. Meanwhile, processed sugars are the number one cause of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Take this rule to heart and be careful when selecting food.


Food and health go hand in hand, if we aren’t taking care of our way of eating, we aren’t taking care of our health.

It is very important that we pay close attention to the food we’re eating, opting for natural, fresh and organic food only; leaving aside anything that is refined and ultra-processed.

Entering this lifestyle will be a great change for your health and your body. Once you step foot into this new lifestyle and start following the guidelines above, you will immediately notice their effects and benefits. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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