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A New and Improved Cocoa and Hazelnut Butter Spread!


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This is one of our best sellers and it’s only been on the market for less than a year! Finally, a healthy cocoa and hazelnut butter spread, with zero sugar, sweeteners or gluten. A 100% natural product where you can be sure you are eating something sweet and delicious while still taking care of your health. We promise you that it will leave your mouth watering! 

Our Cocoa and Hazelnut Butter Spread is better than ever thanks to a new and improved recipe which we can’t wait for you to try! 

Improved Recipe:

  • Free of hydrogenated vegetable oils: Since it is impossible to guarantee an adequate supply of unrefined vegetable oil, we have chosen to use milk fat in our new recipe.
  • Not processed: We remain faithful to our intention to produce the most natural products possible.
  • Healthy: Milk fat is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are easy to absorb. They are a source of energy and protect the immune system, while at the same time boost metabolism.
  • Texture: The new butter spread is smoother and creamier again thanks to the milk fat as it helps to melt and soften the cocoa butter, resulting in a creamier, thinner and more manageable consistency.
  • Flavor:  It seems unbelievable, but it has also improved! The new Cacao and Hazelnut Butter Spread has a more classic and traditional flavor that is very reminiscent of our delicious childhood snacks.

Still has everything we loved in the first version! 

  • High percentage of hazelnuts: 43% hazelnuts (four times more than traditional ones).
  • Natural cocoa: No sugars, unprocessed, only natural cocoa.
  • Sweetened with chicory fiber: Instead of using traditional sugar, sweeteners or high-sugar ingredients (dates, honey…) we use chicory fiber, a natural sweetener that also helps regulate intestinal transit and reduces blood sugar levels. 


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