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It’s been a few days now since we started living this exceptional, new reality where we spend all of our days at home, and sometimes it’s hard to know what kind of things we can do to keep ourselves busy so we don’t start to get bored or feel hopeless. It’s imperative that we stick to a schedule and do some of our usual tasks during the day as we normally would. “ One day I will”… “I’ve got to try”… “Someone told me about it but I haven’t had time”… How many times have you said one or all of these phrases? This is a great time to start up all those things that you’ve put on hold, or things you’ve been wanting to try, or finally making those lifestyle changes that you’ve been wanting to make. It’s also a great opportunity to establish a new routine and share it with the ones around you. These 7 activities are not only a good way to stay entertained, but they will also make you feel comfortable with yourself and make your surroundings a kinder place for everyone. And rest assured, you will enjoy the journey.

1. Cooking: How To Switch Over To A More Natural Diet 

Cooking healthy is usually considered by many to be one of those time-consuming tasks that requires too much effort and time that people feel they just can’t afford. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are very simple and easy to make recipes that allow you to be innovative with flavors and use natural ingredients so that you can avoid those pre-made foods loaded with preservatives and sugars. And there is something for people of all levels: from people who are just beginning to learn about cooking, to those who are already a bit more professional. 

What’s more, cooking is a wonderful activity to do together as a family or with friends. These delectable Reese’s-Style cookies are sugar-free and have a wonderful texture and flavor, and they’re very nutritional, believe it or not. But, if I had to choose a recipe to make with my family, there’s no doubt that I’d choose these Gluten-Free Muffins perfect to make with the kids.  

Besides Baking, it’s a good time to get creative with the ingredients that we use on a daily basis. Which is the case here in this recipe for Thai-Style Chicken with Cashew Sauce. Or, if you’re not a beginner and would like something a little more challenging this Quinoa Sushi is the perfect thing to make you a pro. You could also try some Vegetarian or Vegan dishes like this original Vegan Mayonnaise which has been a real revolution. These are just some of our favorite recommendations, but if you start innovating we would love for you to send us photos and tell us about your experience.

2. Workout: Exercise Routines with A Simple Book or Those Dumbbells Stashed In The Closet 

If you’re someone who went for a run or to the gym every day then I’m sure that this is something you miss. Or perhaps, it’s sports in general that you miss. Home Workouts are an excellent way to keep ourselves busy and feel good about ourselves. We mustn’t forget the happiness that doing sports gives us, thanks to the production of hormones that are responsible for making us feel good about ourselves, and that makes us feel less stressed and anxious. Plus, it’s easy to get hooked and then it soon becomes a healthy habit. 

You don’t need a Treadmill, or Elliptical in the living room to get started with your new workout routine. With that said, you can still convert your space into your own personalized gym. A simple chair or table can be great for exercises like squats, and a big book is great to use as a weight for your arms. Ideally, you should start little by little, with some routines for around 15 minutes, and then adjust the time and intensity day to day.  If you’re still not sure how to start, you can follow along with the many workout videos online. Like this one below that suggests some ways to use a workout band or dumbbell.  

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TST / ENTRENAMIENTO DE ABDOMEN 🔥 para hacer en casa! – DESLIZA PARA VERLO COMPLETO👉🏽🤓 Y RECUERDA GUARDAR/COMENTAR Y COMPARTIR si quieres que Instagram siga mostrando esta serie de rutinas para hacer en casa! – 💪🏽AHORA MÁS QUE NUNCA , ES MOMENTO DE ESTAR EB CASA … nada nos frena! 💪🏼 En esta ocasión tan solo necesitaremos una goma y una mancuerna para completar un buen entrenamiento de abdomen, el cual también podrás hacer la rutina prescindiendo de ellos. WORKOUT, 4 o 5 rondas de 30” ejercicio + 10” de descanso: – 1⃣ 30” CRUNCH BICICLETA CON GOMA – 2⃣ 30” CRUNCH TIJERA CON GOMA – 3⃣ 30” PLANCHA CAMBIANDO MANCUERNA – 4⃣ 30” RUSSIAN TWIST CON MANCUERNA – 5⃣ 30” LEG CRUNCHES DE LADO A LADO – 6⃣ 30” PLANCHA LATERAL CON TORSION ( CADA LADO) . – Espero que si te ha tocado estar en casa estos días , estés lo mas tranquila posible y mantengas en la medida de lo posible una vida activa ! Creo que estas RUTINAS pueden ser de gran ayuda , así que A POR ELLO!!! – #TSTworkout #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #workoutroutine

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3. Not Addicted To Documentaries Yet? 

This isn’t about watching docuseries, or reading books that you find boring, but rather finding one’s about a topic you’re interested in, and that gives you a different perspective on things and simply humorously shares information. If you’re reading our blog it’s because you love the world of cooking, so surely you’ll find documentaries like Fed Up, which focus on the sugar empire, or Rotten interesting. Oh, and you can’t miss out on What the Health, a documentary that focuses on the relationship between food and our health, and it doesn’t leave anyone out. 

Others help us to be more aware of certain situations and motivate us to start to want to make a change like, Cowspiracy or Cooked, which talk about the relationship between humans and our food, and the consequences for the sustainability of our ecosystem and the health of the planet. True Cost is another documentary that talks about the sustainability of the fashion industry and its effects on our environment. Others are great for those people who miss watching their favorite teams play since all pro-sports have been suspended for the time being. Resurfacing is a good one that talks about life in sports and injuries that occur like what happened to Andy Murray, another good option is The Game Changers, which talks about both sports and diets. 

Humor is always great to have. The Chef Show is full of laughs and doses of reality, you also get some good recipes and Chefs tricks for home. Apart from cooking series shows like Paquita Salas are guaranteed to make you laugh. Of course, we can also get a laugh from a good book like this one by Eduardo Mendoza, Sin noticias de Gurb. Or we can go back in time to our childhoods with comic books thanks to 100 years of TBO. Of course, we can dust off an old classic as well like 100 Years Of Solitude, or go on a passionate personal journey with  The Old man and The Sea. Don’t forget about those other hidden gems at your local bookstore: Cookbooks. Remember that old cookbook about baking and healthy cooking, or perhaps you want to discover something new like  A Natural Kitchen Goes Beyond The Stove. In short, look for what most moves and interests you, watch that series that all your friends have already seen, or review some new releases.

4. Socialize From The Comfort Of Your Couch 

This may seem ironic but it’s not insignificant. Keeping in touch with the people around us not only helps to make the day go by faster, but it reminds us of our daily life and makes us feel less alone and more understood. It’s important not to isolate yourself in your room, or to be alone with the television, we need to be interacting with the people closest to us. Cooking, exercising, or getting hooked on a series are all great activities to do with the people who live with us. 

Obviously, it’s normal to miss the people who don’t live with us. But, since when is this a problem in 2020? Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Hangouts… all of these allow us to have video calls and see the faces of the people we love but, who may be far away. So we can still tell stories and jokes with each other and be a mutual support system for moments when we start to feel down. Isolation doesn’t have to mean lonely. Socializing with others and fostering those relationships keeps our mood up.

5. Travel: Without Ever Having To Leave Your Chair Via Virtual Tours

Maybe one thing you miss most is going on a weekend getaway or visiting a touristic place. To satisfy those cravings to see the world, take a trip down memory lane and look at your old photos and videos; or look on Google maps that street you really loved and remember it as if you were actually there now. By doing this you can rediscover the places you’ve already been and it’ll bring back to mind all those fantastic experiences you’ve had.  You can also transport yourself to places you’ve always wanted to go to, a beach in paradise perhaps? Another very entertaining thing you can do is to visit some cultural places thanks to virtual tours. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of museum websites or videos filmed with the latest technology to explore places like the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech all from the comfort of your own chair. 

6. Take Time For Yourself 

This is a great chance to do all those things that we normally push off. Being at home all day doesn’t mean you stay in Pj’s and do nothing. Better to reconnect with yourself and your hobbies. Painting, drawing, singing, putting things together…you don’t need to be a professional to enjoy any of these things. Meditation and mindfulness, can also help us to feel better and rid ourselves of negative feelings. Something as simple as searching for “relaxing music” on Youtube helps to keep us in the right headspace. And, who knows one day you might even feel like getting dressed up or having a Spa day, so whatever it is, have fun with it. 

7. Look Towards The Future 

Finishing off our list of 7 activities to keep you feeling good during lockdown, we leave you with this, looking to the future. This makes all that time spent at home much more bearable. This is a good time to think about your next trip, start organizing a summer camping trip, or buying a ticket to that music festival you have always wanted to go to. 

Something as simple as remembering that your favorite terrace will be there again for you and your friends will make you much more positive.

And you, do you have any other recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below! If you found this article on 7 activities to do during lockdown interesting, don’t miss out on our newsletter. 


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